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When and Where...
Will Her Rhetorical and BIASED "Double Speak" STOP?

Is Tillie Fowler Aware of the Holocaust and WW II?
If YES... Then She learned NOTHING from it at all.

by R. F. Mariano

Tillie Fowler...  Fowler than WHAT?  Plenty foul I'd say.....  Sure, its a play on words but nevertheless its the real thing.  I have never been so disappointed or should I say disgusted by an elected official's behavior since the Nixon days.  This Congress Critter was in town with the Secretary of the Navy addressing the Naval personal in the Naval bases here.  What does Fowler do??  She opens her mouth and inserts foot!  Fowler took a  photo and press opportunity and sullied it by taking cheap shots at President Clinton and his decisions relative to Serbia, Kosovo and Milosevic.  At a time when our elected officials should be standing behind the President and especially the Military Personnel risking their lives fighting for the rights of the oppressed while obeying the orders of their Commander in Chief. Fowler, (A horse blindered Republican Zealot) saw fit to grandstand and offer dissention among the ranks. 

And to add insult to injury, Tillie Fowler did it in front of the Secretary of the Navy a Cabinet Member of President Clinton's! 

Tillie (the forked tongue - term limits Fowler) strikes again!

This time she insults both the President and the Secretary of the Navy.  Instead of rallying the troops in a positive manner she's busy promoting the negative thereby possibly affecting both the safety and performance of our military. All done in one very ugly  fell swoop. 

Then comes the more serious of observations. 

From 1933 (the "pre-war" years) until the end of WW II, people throughout the world were dying in the name of Nationalism.  In Nazi Germany's occupied Europe and invaded Russia , the practice was called the "Final Solution".  Of course there are still some very strange people who today, some fifty odd years later, STILL insist the Holocaust didn't occur.  Its beyond all levels of sensible human comprehension to, even momentarily, consider the Holocaust a contrived incident.  There is enough documentation both on film and paper to more than substantiate the fact the Holocaust did indeed occur.  The Final Solution was and is Nazi Germany's name for the eradication of all "sub-human" human beings in the occupied areas of Europe first and the world after they had conquered such.  They had a particularly heavy leaning toward the total elimination of all Jews.  The Nazis succeeded in killing over six million Jews during their "Final" Solution days.


Today, in 1999, in the post-war decades... and post cold-war years, we find the Final Solution is occurring once again but today its called "Ethnic Cleansing".  Tillie Fowler has repeatedly stated that she feels (she has feelings?) the situation today in Yugoslavia has no affect on US National Security.  She has stated almost to the letter the very same proclamations that were stated by US Politicians who were steadfastly for Total US Isolationism prior to the Second World War.  Had our IDIOT Politicians listened to the solid advice coming from Churchill in the UK and Joseph Kennedy in the UK along with simply paying attention to what The Bund in the USA and Hitler in Germany were actually saying, in all likelihood, there never would've been a Second World War on the scale we know it was today.  It might only have been a minor border skirmish.  (Actually all they had to do was read Hitler's book Mein Kampf.)

Nazi Germany Showed it's Hand Early (The World was Pacifist BLIND)

When Hitler re-occupied the Rhineland and then annexed Austria.... all in the name German Nationalism alarms should've rang. 

The four countries of Germany, Italy, France, and Great Britain composed and signed the Munich Pact in Munich, Germany on September 29, 1938. The forming of the pact between these four countries served as appeasement purposes, securing Great Britainís and Franceís agreement to Adolf Hitlerís Demands. Hitler demanded for the secession of the German - speaking Sudetanland of Czechoslovakia to Germany. German leaders argued and insisted that the government of Czechoslovakia were discriminatory toward the Sudetan people, and the secession of Sudetanland to Germany would justify to their request for self-determination. Long before the composition of the Munich Pact, negotiations between the participating countries had already taken place concerning the secession of Sudetanland to Germany. Looking for any attempt to prevent further confrontations with Hitler, Great Britain and France accepted Hitlerís demands. France and Great Britain were devastated by World War I and would be willing to do anything to avoid more confrontation. With Great Britainís and Franceís acceptance, Hitler promised not to claim any other European territory. The Munich pact served to determine simply the conditions under which the previously planned secession should be made.

The Pact, signed by Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain for Great Britain, Premier Edouard Paladier for France, Adolf Hitler for Germany, and Benito Mussolini for Italy, set October 1, 1938 as the date of Czechoslovakian evacuation of the territory. The Germans would occupy the four specified districts between October 1 - 7. Afterwards, additional territories consisting of mostly German population were to be specified by an international commission, composed of delegates from France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, and Czechoslovakia . Other territories were to be disputed there also; if claims of Hungarian and Polish minorities in Czechoslovakia were not settled in three months, a new conference was to be convened.

It was March of 1939 when the Germans Marched into Czechoslovakia making most of the country a German protectorate. This immediately nullified the Munich Pact. The U.S.S.R. signed a non - aggression pact with Germany to avoid any war. September 1, Hitler attacked Poland , assuming that Great Britain and France would not intervene. Hitler was mistaken, as both countries immediately declared war on Germany. WWII had been launched.

Even as Hitler invaded the Rhineland and occupied Austria, in the name of German re-unification, the goof-ball pacifists again proclaimed such German actions would not threaten the world's or US Security.  They were victorious as the League of Nations (predecessor to the UN) was all for "peace at any cost".  (The Munich Pact) That is precisely the impression Fowler is giving today.. One can only wonder what the folks in the US military think.  Probably the same way the GIs felt as they came home from 'Nam.  Abandoned....


Tillie Fowler claims... "The situation in Yugoslavia does not threaten US National Security" is perhaps the most un-informed political proclamation spewing forth from lame-brained politicians to date.  Anytime and anywhere a Tyrant is allowed to proliferate tyranny it is a deadly THREAT to each and every one of us, here in the USA and every other peace loving country on Earth. Milosevic is a modern day Hitler!  He and his Government are very busy with their version of the Final Solution.  They're calling their exercise of Hell on Earth "Ethnic Cleansing".  The world in the late 1930's refused to believe how horrible Hitler's Nazis were and had begun perpetrating the "Final Solution" (extermination of Jews) and now today Tillie Fowler and others... (she's not alone with her head in the sand) refuse to believe its happening all over again only with the names and dates changed.  Hitler's Nazis proved to be a dire threat to this Nation's Security.  Had We and the world reacted swiftly and decisively with Hitler in the early years, millions of people (including US Military) would have lived normal lives.

World War III?

It truly doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize the World is on the Brink of WW III.  The conflagration now taking place in the former Yugoslavia is portraying many of the classic signals of escalation to a major world event.  Does FACT have to hit Fowler and the other pacifists in the head to make them see the light of day.  The Russian "old line Communists" are desperately looking for an opportunity to re-unite the shambles of the former Soviet Union.  The whacko Military-Industry segments of most technologically advanced nations of the world are looking for WWIII as a means to survive in this world today both economically and physically.  They say we NEED a third World War to bring the world's over-population under control.  My, My how that smacks of "Final Solution", "Ethnic Cleansing" and "Genocide" on a catastrophic scale the likes of which recorded history has never known.

Tillie Fowler is a Foul Ball, NOT a Home Run

Well done Tillie!  You're worse at the Federal Level than you ever were here as Jacksonville, Florida's City Council Prez. Tillie, you need to go back to Georgia ..back on the farm collecting chicken eggs.  You and Newt... what a pair!  Flannel mouthed flap jaws who haven't a clue.  Using your high office to pay lip service to the far right Republican Zealot Nut Jobs, who in their destructive obsession, apparently would do most anything to oust Clinton.  Isn't that Who you are really mouthing for? Regardless.....  It certainly isn't for your constituents.  Go home to the farm Tillie... Go Home!




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