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June 30, 1997: This week…. The USA will celebrate July Fourth, the birthday of our Great Nation. Also this week, the world will be witness to the beginning of the death of one of the most wonderful, magic filled cities in the Orient. The blood encrusted jackboot of the Chinese Red Army will be so firmly planted in the heart of Hong Kong that we will be able to hear the moans ‘round the world. Oh, not immediately, that would embarrass the concessionist who "gave away" Hong Kong to the beast known as Mao Tse Tung’s Red China. To those of you who wish to see Red China a world power, all that can be said is either you are one of "them" or, you are among the world’s most uninformed. Then again, it may be that you are only another in the long line of those who proclaim "peace at any price". Concessions made unto tyrant nations have never resulted in "peace", they’ve resulted in all out war. Anybody remember the last time concessions were made to a tyrant nation which resulted in World War? Can you say Nazi Germany’s Adolph Hitler and the UK’s Neville Chamberlain and now, because of Margaret Thatcher’s Hong Kong give-away concessions are we to see History’s dark side be repeated in a few short years?

Our own government’s bestowing MFN (most favored nation) status for trading purposes is a hypocrisy of the highest magnitude. We are offering concessions to Red China for an opportunity to enrich ourselves and fatten Red China’s treasury. This also sounds very familiar. Does anyone out there know what became of the old, Third Avenue (BMT) Elevated Rail Line in Manhattan? It, like much other scrap steel available for sale from the US, was sold to Japan. It soon came back to haunt us and the world in the form of new naval warships. Now, it appears we use the MFN status for China as a cudgel over Japan in efforts to balance trade deficits. This action too… shall return to haunt us.

  • MFN for a nation which is selling SCUD missiles to middle eastern nations ready willing and able to use them against Israel, a faithful long time ally of the US.

  • Red China, a nation who has continually aided North Korea wreak tyranny upon South Korea, assisted in torturing US POW’s during the Korean Conflict.

  • Continues to assist North Korea develop its small but effective nuclear arsenal.

  • Red China, a nation which at every opportunity, intimidates the Free Chinese in Taiwan and taunts the US Pacific Fleet with aggressive displays of Naval military might.

  • Red China, a nation who freely exports Nuclear Technology to enemies of the free world.

  • Red China, a nation who has slaughtered thousands of its citizens in Tienemen Square and elsewhere when they protested the oppressive government they are forced to survive under. So horrible was the slaughter in Tienemen Square, World News telecast videotapes of the tanks and other armored vehicles driving over and crushing the frightened people and countless dead bodies in the square.

  • Red China, in a massive propaganda campaign, told the world the demonstration was "peaceful and without major incident". While, at the same time, its agents were scouring the world attempting to capture, arrest and return to China those protest leaders who escaped the "police action" in the square.

  1. This is a nation that the UK "GIVES" Hong Kong back to?

  2. This is a nation that US plays kissy-kissy with??

Red China is the nation that should, just like Iraq, Iran and North Korea be embargoed until they shrivel up and either die or, their populations replace the animals currently in power.

Here’s an STReport prediction…. Within five years, the oppression, subterfuge and human rights abuse emanating in Hong Kong at Red China’s direction will surpass much of what history has recorded worldwide in the last decade. It becomes almost impossible to believe today’s governments are allowing History to embark upon the path of repetition. The World is, once again, heading for a rude awakening. When will the goofy politicians realize the "chasing of the almighty buck", coupled with "peace at any price" and then topped off with "slaughter engendering concessions" make for the "perfect formula" for another World Wide Conflagration?

Please enjoy your Fourth of July Weekend. I know we will. After all, it’s a double holiday for us. Its also my and my son Ralph’s birthday. I pray to God and ask that you join in… may we enjoy many, many more Fourth and Birthday weekend holidays while enjoying World Peace and especially for peace, freedom, prosperity and serenity for the City of Hong Kong..



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