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From the Editor's Desk...


by Ralph F. Mariano

Friends, how deeply horrified were you when you watched the historical motion picture accounts; "The Holocaust" and "Schindler's List"?? Did you find it particularly upsetting to see those Gestapo (German Police) THUGS crashing and busting their way into people's homes with little or no respect for the rights of the inhabitants and owners of those homes? How about the way in which the possessions of those folks was blatantly stolen and liquidated by either the authorities or the individual officers with impunity?

Well now, then you might agree that the founders of this country had a good deal more "on the ball" than the simple times they lived in. You see, they too, were experiencing the very same type of treatment at the hands of the King of England's Men. Throughout the Colonies the British Troops would do the same thing in "handling the tax evading colonists". While they didn't have the concentration camps with their ever present ovens or gas chambers the Nazi's will long be remembered for, the British Soldiers wantonly killed any colonist as a  rebel for objecting to any type of unlawful search and/or seizure. Another outrage of the time was "forced billeting". The Brits would actually force a colonist to take a number of troops into his/her home to live without compensation to the colonist.

I swore to myself some time ago that I would not get all fired up over wacky politics. But I gotta tell you this one is one very dangerous and sinister package that's being rammed through the House and Senate by the "Egomaniacal, Ultra Conservative" action group within our respected law-making bodies of government. Its the name OF THIS BILL.. It is so innocent sounding its almost impossible to believe just how dangerous it really is.


Imagine that! The House Bill number is ironically the same as the "Mark of the BEAST"! Yes sir, this bill is at the heart of a very serious effort on the part of the "fanatics left in office" following the recent elections. Could it be they are paying the nation back for having voted OUT all their "good buddies" thus effectively neutralizing the democratic grip on the country and its affairs? Folks, if you treasure your family home and its security, make certain you ring the alarm bells in your Congress Critter's and Senate Thumper's offices. Let them know loudly and clearly that this HR 666 belongs in the trash! While at the same time reminding them that you are a registered voter.

This Bill gives law enforcement officials of every level unilaterally unbridled Search and Seizure Powers. No more having to answer to a court judge, no more having to justify a search warrant before its issued, no more search warrants and no more curtailment of illegally obtained "evidence" that can be ruled inadmissable to possibly protect the innocent. Can you see it now?? We have seen the horror stories many times before but now.. if this bill passes, the horror stories are going to become far more plentiful and serious. Just this past week the train cops in NYC had to "apologize" for wrongfully detaining and searching a passenger, because the passenger fit a "pre-designed profile". Can you imagine the abuse when there are no laws to slow down these abuses? One can almost hear it now... "Vere isss you paperz?? Paperz pleaze!! Being spoken loudly across America because of this crazed HR Bill # 666 and Exon's misguided campaign. Save and preserve the power of the Fourth Amendment. While its not perfect now, the direction Exon wants to take this country in is straight to hell in a hand basket. Please don't let it happen. Not so much for us.. but for our successors in generations yet to come. They do not deserve this fetid can of Exon worms.

This so-called, self righteous, "Clean up the Internet" campaign being led by Jim Exon Dem. Nebraska, is an absolute outrage that's easily comparable to almost every injustice perpetrated upon entire populations from The Inquisitions to The Nazi Pillages and Slaughter of Europe. If this bill, HR #666, along with Exon's that literally GUTS the Fourth Amendment Passes... Sen. Exon's name along with his "pack" will long be remembered along with many other infamous names in the history of the persecuted and downtrodden members of mankind. If I'm not mistaken, part of the oath of office these "elected officials mutter and stutter" is to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Why are these same officials trying so hard to destroy the very foundations of our Great Nation? The Bill of Rights and The Constitution! Exon and his crew may not be aware of this, but the Internet is, without a doubt, the most powerful form of super fast communications the world has ever known. We need each and every citizen of this country that's truly concerned about protecting the Bill of Rights, The Constitution and the Spirit of the Law the way our Founding Fathers intended it to be to make themselves loudly heard. This business of giving the Government, Federal, State, and Local complete and unmitigated police powers of search and seizure is ridiculous. There is no National Emergency! If there were, the President could easily declare Marshal Law and bring in the Military.

These self-appointed "patriots" seemingly want to tear down not only the Internet and its communicative freedoms, but the basic foundations of our country through overbearing, Human Rights clobbering legislation. In so doing, they will simultaneously cripple the US Constitution and your rights as citizen of this country. No longer will our citizenship be something to be proud of. Sen. Exon's name will be very easy to remember at the ballot box. His name reminds one of  another recent disaster of monstrous proportions. Valdez, Alaska.. Where another "Exxon" was directly involved in an equally grotesque exercise in horror.

The good Senator Exon ought to put as much, if not more of his zealot-like energy into CLEANING THEIR OWN HOUSE & SENATE! Exon should be busy trying to nail PACKWOOD for abusing and molesting the women who have to work there for a living. Exon ought to remember that those women violated by Packwood were all housewives and/or mothers. He should be busy persuing the creeps that siphoned off millions from the Congressional Post Office. Why is it that Old, "Danny Boy" Rostenkowsie <sp> is seemingly OFF the HOOK??? If John Q. Public were to pull some of the stunts Dan and his buddies are/were accused of they'd put the poor slob UNDER the JAIL. Yet Rostenkowskie and his gang WALK and they all do so with a BIG FAT GOVERNMENT PENSION that we are all paying for.

This being Memorial Day Weekend... a time when the Nation is remembering, praying for and paying homage to the millions of GI's who valiantly gave their lives in defense of this Nation's lofty Principles and Its Constitution. A Constitution that, at one time or another, has been the envy of every other nation on Earth... It is most fitting on this holiday to point out a few of the less than responsible actions undertaken by elected officials in our government who are trying to ruin this country and its freedoms by destroying its constitution. Instead, they should be defending it as they swore to in their oath. Stop them from trying to steal away your freedom in the name of "Justice". Certainly its not "Justice for All". More like; "Injustice for All"! God help us if they should succeed!



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