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by Ralph F. Mariano

Its been said...

"Place a high tax on guns and ammunition! When professionals, fully trained and in the line of duty, cannot be sure of holding their own against criminals with guns, what chance do civilians have?"

.... a concerned citizen.

While the posture and stance of control through "taxation until it hurts" premise is appreciated, as a freedom loving American, I must disagree. One basic fact must be brought forward at this time.. this country was founded as a direct result of a tax rebellion for the very same reasons. Evidently, there's a 'hidden wish' to begin another. Also, in quoting from the above remark must reply, Take the only substantive "chance at survival" civilians will have against criminals, STREET or GOVERNMENT, away and they'll HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE AT ALL! Isn't this fact obvious in the least or, is it totally obscured by a misguided "pie in the sky" Utopian vision of Happy Happy, Joy Joy?

History has proven many times over how regulation is gradually misapplied to suit the selfish, misguided needs of the governing few. Its happening now on almost every continent. The aristocracy of Europe was against the printing press because it gave the masses a method of spreading information rapidly and introduced the learning of reading skills to the peasants. The Big Whigs were against an "informed populace". One might suppose the government was feeling "threatened". The beautiful and very peaceful country of Switzerland is a prime example of guns for peace and serenity. Every household is REQUIRED to have at least one gun.

THE "PRESIDENTIAL HOPEFULS, BLEEDING HEARTS and FEAR MONGERS" have long touted the removal of guns from the possession of the "law-abiding, little guy".... they've also made scapegoats of both the Hollywood Film Making Industry and the National TV Networks. Let's NOT forget the terrible slamming the TV video game manufacturers endured at the hands of a few "grandstanding, attention hungry" politicians. The politicians blamed the video game companies for, the more imagined than truly perceived, ruthlessness of today's youth.

The "Self-Proclaimed Elected Professionals" in both the Congress and the Senate negligently but diligently burn up thousands of your tax dollars * per hour * playing head games attempting to demonstrate to the American Public; "they're doing their job" by holding absurd hearings about whether or not TV video games are too violent and therefore, should be "strictly regulated". At the same time Dole jumps up hammering Hollywood obviously attempting to win the "Moral Majority's backing. He blew it big time. The entire nation saw right through that ploy. The real truth is... These politicians NEED to be REGULATED! Respectfully, I submit; they are not doing their jobs at all! They must address the real social and economic problems facing this country as a nation at once. Stop the smoke and mirrors rhetoric! They must take the first big step by pushing for the Restoration the Basic American Family Structure now!

A far better suggestion; They should look at the manner in which the US Government has inadvertently managed to do everything (ongoing at this time) in its power to destroy the basic building block of a strong moral, law abiding, society... THE AMERICAN FAMILY!

The "professional politicians" in governments, (National, State and Local), appear to have placed exceedingly deleterious HRS programs into action. Also, it appears these programs are designed to; "Weaken the American Family, promote continued poverty, encourage further dependency on all sorts of welfare programs (the Government control factor) and finally, to further institute stronger inroads (Courts and HRS) into the rearing and teaching of all children exactly the way the government sees fit for its future. Thereby completely eliminating ANY real need for the strong foundational Family Influence. In decades to come, such practices will make it extremely easy for any type of "total control" government to completely manipulate an entire population from "the Womb to the Tomb".

Take a good look, a real good look. The government has, for all intents and purposes, driven the housewife and mother out into the general workforce. Propaganda has called such "urgings" equality. When in fact, its a matter of pure economic survival. The children, unfortunately, are left to deal with growing up pretty much by themselves. This is happening now! This is one of the truly genuine causes of the social problems we are experiencing (suffering with) today.

We, as an educated responsible electorate, must send a very loud and clear message to these so called "representatives of and by the people" that we are sick and tired of their arrogant disregard of their oath of office and wanton lack of representing us. They must either change to a true, representative form of government or plainly put, get voted OUT.

The "wonderful and benevolent" governments, Local, State and Federal, brazenly turn a blind eye and nod a permissive head when it comes to the majority of everyday workplace jobs being labeled "part-time" by greedy employers aiming to thwart the laws put on the books during more sensible times when the population's wishes were seen to by responsible government at every level. During a time when making a living, earning medical benefits, enjoying overtime and job security were prime factors in the American work place. Today, its a simple greedy matter of "build the tax base" ...get them all working... even if its only for minimum wage and part time. By the time the "thieves" in Congress and the Senate are weeded out and the "injustices" being perpetrated against the Bill of Rights and middle America are exposed and corrected, two generations of Americans will have been exploited to the extreme.

The American Family, as we once proudly knew it as a solid building block of society and a firm teaching foundation of true morals and common decency, will be nothing more than a fond memory. Mom, Apple Pie etc.. (The Norman Rockwell view) are but mere memories today. In fact, many politicos scoff at and make insulting jokes of the Rockwell perception.

Still, there are those who insist upon allowing themselves to be focused on the "so-called" deep evil of guns by the crafty politicians who really don't want your attention focused upon the very real underlying problems of today. Namely; poor governments, crooked politicians and bad cops who constantly make our lives miserable every day in one way or another. It is still an irrefutable fact that an inanimate object cannot possibly be evil. Only the implementation of such objects can be. Thus, only the human implementer can be evil. Take a look at the REAL causes of lawlessness in this country today. The young folks of today are growing up watching the "priests, politicians, police and just about every other segment of the 'respected leadership' of society being exposed for the moral cripples, mental debilitates and criminals they are revealing themselves to be. Why? That is the real question. Because they too, at this time, are a product of the very same thing they are accused of.

Government must be cleaned up before the general population can be expected to begin to do so. Government must set the prime example before the nation's citizen's can be asked or required to do the same. A young person living in a cold water flat when its 10 degrees below outside while observing a local politico blowing thousands of dollars on "Fact finding" missions while traveling in the lap of comfort and luxury. People are tired of being fed the nonsense by small minded politicians about Hollywood, TV, video games and dead-end gun control lawmaking. These facetious attempts to garner support through exercises in political chicanery doesn't make it any more all. Those young people seeing crooked and corrupt politicians like the Clintons, Browns, Packwoods and Rostenkowskies getting away with everything, short of murder, are being taught well about good government. Sooner or, later those youngsters are going to get their "fair share" one way or another. Take away the guns, institute curfews, do whatever.. they'll find another way to do what they feel is right for them. Much as its happening now. The real fix is to re-teach government the family is the strongest factor in building a strong, law abiding America with solid morals and a true sense of caring for each other.

Society is going through great upheavals of turmoil and has been for the last three decades. Partially as a direct result of the Warren Commission and its obvious whitewash of the MURDER of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, (the most grievous of hurts of that decade and a time when a solid American social structure began to completely crumble). Then came the MURDERS of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King. Finally, Nixon's admissions of guilt after being caught in the Watergate Scandal put the public trust of government completely in "the toilet". As a result, the public's trust in government big or small, began failing in catastrophic proportions and has yet to begin to improve. Since that tragic beginning, truly monumental and catalytic events in American History, the true fundamental building blocks of a solid moral social structure has and is being methodically destroyed by poor government, crooked politicians, poorly trained and totally inept law enforcement officials and a decaying, decadent welfare system.

The incidences of Law Enforcement Officials facing provable brutality, opportunistic abuses of certain laws, acting outside the law and simply being unfit and unsuitable has increased dramatically in the last two decades. Its nothing new, its just being made more public in this day and age. This is due primarily to the widespread use of video cameras by the general public. Isn't it interesting how the "lawyers" for the various government agencies involved have hammered away at the actual validity of the videotape's contents? (Rodney King, WACO, UTAH, Detroit etc..) They claim that what you see plainly on the tapes is "not necessarily what is actually happening". What will they say when the public uses the same statements as a defense against government video tapes. IE., videotaped traffic stops etc., drug busts.?? Sadly enough, even with the visibility and credibility of video tape, the "Ruby Ridge Tragedy & "Waco Massacre" still reek of governmental abuse of power, corruption, cover-up and complete ineptness.

In the past, the deniability factors of such abuses were quite high. Now, fortunately with video taping, its just the opposite. Yet, there are still those who fervently wish to "render harmless" the law-abiding public by, incredibly, disarming them! Next, they'll probably propose a "National Identity Card" accompanied by "instant data bank retrieval" access offered through the "CARD". (How many remember the 1930's expression in Europe; "Papers Please!")

Watch out fellow Americans! The basic Bill of Rights our Great Nation was founded upon is being chipped away and eroded left and right ....yet people seem to refuse to do or say much about it. Too bad they are in the "don't rock the boat" syndrome. The GIs who fought in Asia and Europe to eliminate "Group Punishment, Curfews, Social Controls, Government Children Education Centers, Re-Education Policies etc.. Better yet, they fought to eliminate oppressive governments worldwide that had forgotten they were in place TO REPRESENT THE PEOPLE NOT RESENT THEM.

Please take a good look at what's really happening to our society today. Where is the family? Where are the morals? What are the real causes of the horrible tragedies we constantly read about? It is not perpetrated by a gun, drugs, alcohol or any other inanimate object. It is the horrible manifestation of the widespread frustration that middle and lower segments of our society are being hammered by and suffering from. Mostly at the hands of a woefully inadequate, corrupt and totally failing government. Yes dear friends, please ...take a good look.

Now, we find many local governments are clamoring about "trying something new" CURFEWS!! Isn't it amazing how they all thought of putting curfews to use at almost the same time? From Coast to Coast? Sounds like BIG BROTHER! There is absolutely NOTHING NEW about curfews. Its an old world practice that was popularized in the 1930's by NAZI Germany and solely used for "general population control." The "learned, seasoned professionals" (politicians & Police) are trying, once again, to erode more of our civil rights under the guise of "good for the majority". Sure, a curfew "works." But then, so does the slaughter of an entire chicken farm to eliminate poultry fever! The end has never justified the means and never will. Curfews are nothing more than a passive method of group punishment allegedly aimed at curing easily perceived social ills. Once the CURFEW is in place, try to get it lifted as quickly as it was initiated. Please, think about this curfew business very carefully. Once in place , a curfew law can easily be expanded to "fit the needs of any government", beneficial or ruthless. Its an extremely dangerous precedent to set.. especially in large municipalities, once Curfew Laws are on the books it will be bloody murder to get the curfew laws removed. History has taught us that Curfew laws are easily abused.

Today's CURFEW is for teenagers ...tomorrow's CURFEW is for whom??





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