An Opinion by R. F. Mariano

The rhetoric from Red China has not changed since the Communist Mao Revolutionary Government ran the Legitimate Chinese Government off mainland China onto Formosa. That was 1948, fifty some odd years ago.  Then, as today, Red China's main goal was and is to dominate the world. 

Those governments, administrations, diplomats and advisors who have yet to learn from history had better pay attention.... Chamberlain thought he had Adolf Hitler under control, he thought he had secured "peace in our time" through a process of appeasement, concession and economic arrangements.  Disaster soon followed.  As it will with Red China if the appeasements continue.

Formosa ultimately was renamed Taiwan and soon rose to a level of democratic and economic heights that Red China would grow to envy for decades to come.  Now, according to jelly backed diplomats and pasty-faced pacifists, the USA is faced with a dilemma...  To arm Taiwan appropriately as to be able to defend herself against the Red Beast or, offer Taiwan second rate weaponry the Red Beast can easily match or overcome.

There is NO DILEMMA!!  It is the responsibility of the USA to defend Taiwan in every possible and impossible way.  Much the same as we defended Kuwait and her oil supplies.  Give Taiwan all the armaments she can handle. Her life depends upon our doing so.  Red China must NOT be allowed to be the Belligerent Bully it is OBVIOUSLY trying to be.  The Red Beast must be slapped down at an early stage thus, in the long run, saving lives and sanity for millions.

Red China WILL do It Again... Americans Beware, Red China Wants War with The USA! STReport Predicts Red China will show her full RED Hand within 2 years. USA Business People would be Wise to get out while they can and are ahead.. Every US Dollar that goes to Red China will be used to against the USA. Red China CANNOT be Trusted.


Red China's "HotDog" pilot, Wang Wei, is being proclaimed a hero for having given his life.  Wanna bet this pilot, if he could do it over again, would not have bumped the E3?  I'll bet and I'd win!  Life is sweet but then take a good look... it is very typical in brutal dictatorships... the value placed on human life is negligible. Thus, it is entirely believable that this Pilot was ordered to create the scene and scenario that occurred.  From the scores of political prisoners to the few US Nationals imprisoned in RED CHINA under trumped up charges of "espionage"... only further amplifies the actions of the RED BEAST indicating a lack of respect for human life, dignity and freedom.





Wang Wei

Wang Wei in his F-8 Jet

The E3  Aircraft must be returned to the USA.  We are willing to bet it is not for a very long time and when it is... it will be returned in CRATES ... by ship and the US will be charged for shipping and handling.

If only we could read their minds

image of EP-3E

Trying to accuse the US Pilot of the US Navy's EP-3 of deliberately flying into the RED CHINESE F-8 by Red China's leaders only serves to prove the mindset of red fanatics.  They honestly believe the EP-3 pilot would risk death to a) cause harm to a Red Chinese fighter plane. b) create an international incident. c) pave the way to open hostilities. d) give just cause to Red China to seize all US Property now in China, both that of the US Government and US Commercial Enterprises involved in Red China.  Of course, none of the above apply as far as the US pilot flying into the RED Fighter Plane.  But that's the way dictatorial fanatics think.

Here's Your APOLOGY!



Congressmen Rip Red China Olympic Decision

Friday, July 13, 2001

WASHINGTON; The International Olympic Committee's choice of Beijing as the site of the 2008 Olympic Games was denounced quickly Friday by congressional critics of the communist leadership there.

"It truly boggles the mind," said Rep. Tom Lantos, D-Calif., the House International Relations Committee's top Democrat. "This decision will allow the Chinese police state to bask in the reflected glory of the Olympic Games despite having one of the most abominable human rights records in the world."

At the White House, President Bush's national security adviser Condoleezza Rice noted that it was an IOC decision to give China the games and said the Bush administration would pursue human rights concerns through other bilateral contacts.

"The president has made very clear that human rights will be on the agenda," Rice said. In the meantime, she said, "What we do know is that American athletes are going to go there and they're going to compete and hopefully compete very well and bring home lots of gold medals."

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., a member of the International Relations Committee, condemned the IOC's decision, saying, "Anyone who thinks that giving Beijing the Olympics is going to improve human rights in China ought to look at what giving Nazi Germany the Olympics did for human rights there in 1936."

"We have just sent China one big wrong signal and that is that the civilized nations of the world are not really concerned enough about their human rights abuses and their militarism to treat them any differently than a democratic country," he said.

Rep. Christopher Smith, R-Calif., a fellow committee member and a leader on China issues, said giving Chinese the games while they "hold American citizens and permanent residents hostage is a disgrace. It sends a dangerous message to the communist leadership that their egregious violations of human rights, persecution of religious believers and harassment of American citizens may continue without any consequences."