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How about the Big Tobacco Trial in Jacksonville, FL..??

Can you believe R. J. Reynolds actually won that trial? I believe the vast majority of folks throughout the Nation were stunned by such a ridiculous verdict. Almost as stunned as the O.J. Criminal Trail verdict! It makes one think about the Judicial System, the Prosecutors and the Jurors in this country and what the real goals may be.

For example…

I began smoking when I was thirteen years old. Lucky Strike brand, (American Tobacco Co.), to be exact… mostly because I saw the ads at Ebbets Field. ("LSMFT") There were NO warnings in those days. So naturally, there were none when my Father and Mother began smoking. (Chesterfield and L&M) Both died young (late fifties) from a combination of Emphysema and Heart Failure. They were never warned either. I really cannot say it was strictly due to the ads that instigated me to begin smoking. I think it was a combination of my parents and relatives all smoking, peer pressure and the glamorous ads. Not to mention all the postwar billboards, pictures and articles portraying Military personnel of all Ranks smoking. Even in National Geographic Magazine! Which my family had a subscription to and I leafed through looking at the pictures as a youngster and read as a schoolchild.

Once I was habitually smoking… Big Tobacco had its deadly clutches on me too. That is… until I was forty four years old. During my smoking years and while I was working on various assignments in the Caribbean and South America, I soon noticed the cigarettes I bought outside the USA tasted much better and packed more of a wallop than the same brand I bought at home in the USA. I would stock up overseas and bring them home. That’s how much more enjoyable the exported US cigarettes were. It never meant a thing to me until I read about the use of Deer Weed and Nicotine Dosage Enhancements that have recently been revealed.

Then in the early 80’s I decided to quit. When I quit, I was in front of a large group of people giving a talk about computing when I unconsciously reached into my shirt pocket and began pulling out a smoke. At that point, I removed the pack of Pall Mall reds (was smoking three packs a day!) from the crushproof box and crushed the pack in front of everyone. I was, at last, done with cigarettes. Ten years later, at age fifty four, I am still totally tobacco free.

Back to the trial. Here are a few questions for every sober mind to ponder;

  1. Why did the judge refuse to allow a number of highly incriminating documents against R. J. Reynolds to be shown to the jury?

  2. Why was certain testimony of witness’ struck from the record when it was fairly obvious they were speaking from heartfelt experience?

  3. Why is it the Judiciary of this country seemingly refuses to acknowledge the fact that tobacco use will and does KILL, damage unborn babies and give rise to the birth of nicotine addicted babies just like hard drugs.

My take, editorially speaking, on this matter is quite simple and straight forward… "MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!! Money talks the talk and walks the walk. Seemingly, the Judge (reportedly one of Jacksonville’s very best) was very busy diluting the case against BIG Tobacco. Does anyone really KNOW just HOW BIG R. J. Reynolds is? (Can you say almost a CARTEL) You ask; "why would a well respected Judge risk a very good reputation and career?" I have no idea other than perhaps the "Rules of Procedure" were not very well written or, those Rules were very poorly interpreted. Most observers did feel something was not quite right. The Jury flew in the face of common sense… Why?

How about these opinions for openers;

  1. What if a Judge or, a superior of his or a relative has a fortune tied up in BIG Tobacco stocks and/or bonds.

  2. FACT: The State of Florida, like most Southern States and possibly, Duval County have the best part of pension funds invested in BIG Tobacco.

  3. FACT: The State of Florida and possibly most other states have or have had the inmates in their prison systems manufacture cigarettes for distribution and sale within those prison systems.

  4. FACT: Most all States are proven to have benefited heavily from the proceeds of taxation on cigarette sales. What would the resulting liabilities be if any?

  5. FACT: The economies and structure of a large number of Southeastern States rely heavily on the support of BIG Tobacco. A shutdown of BIG Tobacco would put tens of thousands out of work overnight. Studies indicate a possible National Economic Depression could result.

  6. The Plaintiff’s Case being a singular cause and action was far too heavily directed toward punitive damages against R. J. Reynolds and not enough toward the culpability of ALL of BIG Tobacco.

As a result of the financially influenced items outlined above, the Plaintiffs in the Jacksonville Case seem to have had a slim to no chance of winning. Nor will any other similar type actions, regardless of the City or State the trial is held in. Unless of course, the whole truth and all the facts and background documentation is allowed to be presented to the jury. Documentation that offers proofs the Big Tobacco Companies were very deeply engaged in ensuring people would become and remain addicted to smoking cigarettes as long as thirty or more years ago. While there may be some who will ask only for verified facts in this matter… there is one FACT that cannot be denied.. The Nation’s Cemeteries are full silent witnesses to the lethal effects of BIG Tobacco.


Since when is it an accepted policy to place the tobacco consumer at lethal risk and then insist the deadly risks of smoking is an "assumed liability" of the consumer? Big Tobacco seems to think this is the case!! Can you say Ford Pinto, Can you say GM Pickup Trucks Or… baby deaths from Air bags? Is the Double Standard Alive and Well? How is it possible for Big Tobacco to get away with this?

Why is it we see all these fancy financial negotiations going on to allow Big Tobacco to continue in business?? To continue; Sowing misery, financial ruin, physical harm and ultimately, death? Could it be because the Federal Government’s many branches have most of their various employee pension funds invested in BIG Tobacco. If Tobacco gets nailed, how many Government employees’ Pension Funds, Federal, State, County and City will go belly up? Who’s to rescue these funds? The Federal Government? I doubt it. It cannot seem to protect Social Security or help Midwest flood victims.

Here’s the most expensive area;

  • Who is going to re-train all of the Tobacco Industry related employees from the plantations to the retail outlets? The Federal Government? No chance at this time.

  • Who is going to put all the extra Law Enforcement personnel and facilities together to stop the smuggling of tobacco and tobacco products back into the USA? The Federal Government? Not a chance!!

The Federal Government, with all its might, cannot stop illicit drugs! Can you say Prohibition? That exercise in futility was a joke. …and you wonder why BIG Tobacco is, literally, getting away with wholesale murder!

Write your Local, State and Federal Representatives.. Tell them to stop Pussyfooting Around with Big Tobacco and put an end to the REAL KILLER WEED!



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