The Phone Message and Office Information Management Software for the Professional Office

STReport Editor's Choice 

Excellence in ease of use, programming and support.

What's there to say?  Phoneslips is a great application!  No more lost phone calls, no more lost messages and fortified proof of when a call came in and when the info reached the party it was destined for.  By that I mean you can have happy receptionists again... how many times have you had a client call, very upset, that you didn't return a call when they expected it?  Just yesterday?  Hah!  Phoneslips is for you.... logs incoming calls, messages and date and time you received the message...  

But... that's not all.  Below are the features of the program itself and the added features are on the Right.  Click on an ICON and learn about that feature directly from Telexis.

Phoneslips is a small, powerful application that packs a wallop as far as communications reliability is concerned.  We use this puppy now and wonder how we ever got along with out it.

Phone messaging made simple
PHONEslips is designed specifically to handle phone messages in busy, professional offices. You'll never again lose an important message or ask for a frequent caller's phone number. Messages are delivered quickly, reliably and securely. And with PHONEslips you can look up any message, no matter how old, in seconds. Anyone who can fill out one of the old paper messages can use PHONEslips.

Efficient office management
PHONEslips' many features make your office much more efficient.You can instantly direct memos to anyone or any group in your office. The Phone List organizes all of your contact information and fills in a caller's information with just a few key strokes. The built-in schedule allows you to set appointments and track tasks for anyone in the office. The e-mail function lets you forward computer files, and much more.

Easy to use
You can install PHONEslips in less than 5 minutes and most users don't even need to look at the manual to get started.

PHONEslips Add-ons:

PHONEslips E-mail Gateway - gives everyone in the office an e-mail address for the cost of one!

PHONEslips Link for the Palm Computing platform - now you can take your messages, address book, schedule and to-do list out of the office with you.

Timeslips Link - Generate timeslips while returning a phone call and have your client list in both programs automatically updated. The professional office saves time and reduces errors by eliminating duplicate data entry.

Year 2000 Compliance Statement:

PHONEslips Year 2000 Compliance Statement in Rich Text format (you can pull it up in Word Pad).

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