Timeslips 10: Wins STReport's Editor's Choice Blue Ribbon


As an Attorney, you must realize that Time is Money... As such, This program is for you. Timeslips 10 is time and billing software for service businesses; 

  • accountants

  • architects

  • lawyers

  • consultants

  • engineers

  • doctors

  • nurses

  • and other professionals who bill by the hour.

For owners of prior Timeslips versions, Timeslips Release v.10 is the upgrade and a very strong upgrade, I might add.

Many popular, user friendly accounting programs, including QuickBooks Pro and Peachtree Accounting, provide time and billing features, but Timeslips 10 offers more specialized capabilities. For example, you can specify rules for minimum and maximum time charges, or arrange to bill for flat fees with add-ons. Many defaults and shortcuts speed up entry of time charges.

A new first class report designer lets you customize the information presented on your invoice. You can even change the bill format for each client, showing as much or as little billing details as required.

Version 10 offers other significant improvements over previous versions. Among the most notable are; 

  • better user interface

  • more robust database

  • better tracking of accounts receivable

  • new minimum billing rules

  • fee allocation to apportion billings between the individual who sells the work and the one who performs it. 

These improvements make the latest Timeslips suitable for firms employing up to 100 professionals.

Timeslips can be a complete accounting partner solution. To create financial statements, you'll need Timeslips Accounting Link (TAL), which transfers data to QuickBooks, M.Y.O.B., and 30-odd accounting packages. 

Timeslips Version 10 Facts and Features

General Overview

  • Timeslips' Navigator acts as your command center, routing you through the program via a click of the mouse and using the most advanced graphical interface available today.

  • Learn while doing! The Guides feature walks you through each area of the system so you can use your "live" data, while learning common tasks.

  • Use the stopwatch timer to track time on jobs or projects while you perform them. No more lost billable hours!

  • No matter how you bill, Timeslips integrates numerous billing styles such as flat fee, hourly, contingency and progress, to name a few.

  • Set up default rate rules and let Timeslips automatically change your defaults when specific jobs call for it, without having to remember to do it manually. Never charge the wrong rate again!

  • Customize bills and statements via the Report Designer to fit exactly how you want them to appear.

  • Extensive accounts receivable allows for payment tracking per invoice on hours, fees, costs, taxes and interest, plus bank deposit slips for reconciliation.

  • Slip List View program allows for viewing numbers of time and expense entries for any given period and the ability to print them out with literally one click.

  • System Administration functions allows application and database-wide management in networking environments with audit trail tracking on system-wide entries. (Level 3)

  • Create automated tasks. From basic to advanced Timeslips can automate your daily, and commonly performed tasks to minimize your workload.

  • Audit Trails will track who, what, where and when database records have been changed. (Level 3)

  • If there is a feature in Timeslips that you don't use you can remove it with the click of a button. Later, if you find that your office needs are changing you can bring it back just as easy. Tailor Timeslips exactly the way you want!


  • Unlimited number of open/closed time and expense entries.

  • Unlimited number of transactions per client.

  • Unlimited client records

  • Unlimited timekeepers in Levels 2 and 3

  • Unlimited phases or projects for client jobs.

  • Unlimited expense activities


  • Create detail-specific bill templates that mirror expensive letterhead or billing service forms.

  • The Billing Assistant is your in-house automated bookkeeper and interactive pre-bill worksheet. Producing error-free bills has never been simpler.

  • Billings can be held until a specific dollar or hourly amount is reached.

  • Multiple projects or cases for any client can be printed on consolidated bills, or independently of each other, tracking A/R and history on a project-by-project basis.

  • Additional billing formats available for use with legal billing auditing firms (additional purchase required).

Accounts Receivable

  • Aged balances are tracked into components of Fees, Costs, and Interest with up to six periods - each one defined by you.

  • Assign local tax rates to clients, in addition to state taxes. In fact, the tax system is designed to adapt as your tax laws change. Also handles international tax systems.

  • Timeslips Accounting Link (TAL) is now included FREE. TAL allows Timeslips to connect with over 30 different general ledger accounting software programs. Whether you use it to link directly to you accounting program or you post manually, the invaluable Transfer Register report details the account breakdown for each transaction. The latest list of accounting partners can always be found on our web site.

  • Transactions include payments, invoices, credits, discounts, write-offs (bad debts), reverse payment (bounced checks) and refunds.

  • Bank Deposit slips can track your daily transactions and then reconcile at the bank.


Over 80 pre-defined reports including:

  • An intuitive report wizard to walk you through setting up the right report.

  • Graph reports ideal for presentations in pie, line, bar and mark formats.

  • Account Receivable reports by aging period shows clients with unpaid and overdue balances.

  • Fee allocation and overhead reports are designed to show you the value of your employees' work to the firm. (Level 3)

  • Invoice reports for monthly-billed values reflect fees, costs, paid and unpaid balances.

  • Aged work-in-process reports show clients' outstanding work by period. (Level 2 and 3)

  • Statements can be sent to clients to report on past billings and over due balances. ( Level 2 and 3)

  • Productivity and Profitability analysis reports compare billed vs. non-billed work and the percentages of each, varied by week, month or year. (Level 2 and 3)

  • Budgeting reports compare projected values against the actual work performed, giving comparisons with the end result being a more profitable firm. (Level 3)

  • Periodic total reports reflect such items as work performed for a client, on a specific day or week, sorted in a variety of formats. (Level 2 and 3)

  • History billings outline all work and transactions from a client's first bill, continuing through to their current or final invoice.

Additional Features

  • Comprehensive, custom security settings restrict access to almost any area of Timeslips.

  • Mailing labels and envelope printing.

  • Import data, other time billing or management applications.

  • Automated prompts for backing up important database records.

  • Fully networkable.

  • Timeslips Connection, included FREE, allows you to automatically recover costs for long distance calls tracked, using the Timeslips Long Distance Advantage telephony service.

Data Conversion from Other Systems.

  • If you currently use a different time tracking and billing software program and want to convert and upgrade to Timeslips, we can help. Data conversion to Timeslips from other systems is very popular. So popular in fact that more firms switch to Timeslips than any other time billing system available. As a result of this, we have had a very high rate of success in doing data conversions over the years. To find out more about this special service, visit our website at www.timeslips.com.

System Requirements

  • Pentium Processor or equivalent

  • Windows 95, 98, 2000 or NT

  • 24 MB RAM for Win 95, 32 MB RAM for 98, 2000 and NT

  • 50 MB hard drive space for full installation

  • Modem recommended for Timeslips eCenter capabilities