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BACKUP EXEC V 8.0 for Windows 2000

by R. F. Mariano

Today's small business owners are tomorrow's industry leaders. To be successful, smaller companies need to focus on the business of doing just that.. business. If mission critical data is unavailable for a day due to a computer malfunction, it could mean the loss of a sale. If that same data is unavailable for days or weeks due to the theft of your computer, it could mean even higher losses. What would happen to a small business' revenues if the office encounters the disastrous effects of a flood or fire? How long could a small business survive without the information needed to make competent business decisions?

If you are like most business owners, you made an intelligent choice and insured your office and its contents against disasters like the ones mentioned above. However, are you protected against the loss of your business records if your office computer is destroyed? Most of the data stored inside your computer is unique to your business and cannot be repurchased.

The insurance companies call it "intellectual property" and you may have a policy that will compensate you for the hardware if it is lost or stolen, but the information itself will be gone. Which means your staff cannot access the information needed to make competent business decisions. In addition, all of the customer history, the inventory and tax records, and the accounts receivable, would have to be re-entered consuming days or even weeks of man-hours.

Fortunately, you can protect your business from this type of setback by simply doing what large corporations do everyday. Backup your data from the computer to another device, such as a tape drive. Sound simple? Well, it is with the right software. In fact, the best way to protect your business' intellectual property and maintain its consistent availability is to perform regular and reliable backup sets of your computer's data.

After deciding to implement a good backup strategy, a small business owner must choose the right tool for the job. If unsure of what backup programs are available, they can turn to a computer professional or a value‑added reseller of computer products for advice. These professionals know which software companies are providing the best products for the money and can assist any small business in making the right decision.

As any computer professional knows, a good comprehensive backup program is one of the most important software purchases a small business owner can make. The most prevalent reason for this is that computers can and do breakdown. When this happens, mission critical information becomes unavailable. A good backup solution can ensure that the information stored on a computer will be available when it's needed. A small business owner looking to protect and maintain the consistent availability of the company's data should choose a backup solution that offers the following features.

Above, Veritas had those words to say... I read them and felt you could benefit by what they are telling the user.  Tape Backup Software is (IMHO) a FACT of LIFE.  In the computing world, there are all sorts of vicious situations and viruses just waiting to put your system in a tailspin.  Will you be ready?  Hah! eight out of every ten users will offer the excuse... but my backup was only three weeks old.  Or, I meant to back it up but just didn't get the chance. Lastly, I kept putting the backup off and now, I'm sorry.  Regular backups are not a luxury.. they are a necessity!  When you know you have a recent backup you can browse the web, do the "email" thingy and read the newsgroups knowing full well that you can restore your system at the drop of a hat if needed.

Disaster Recovery is a relatively NEW feature found in the tape backup world.  But, one that has become a very much needed and used feature. I've put it to use a few times myself.  This new version (8) of Backup Exec is very well thought out.  In fact, I was experiencing some problems with the TBU software included with Windows 2000 Professional and found that when I installed this version of Backup Exec the problems melted away. 

Microsoft introduced a Removable Storage Management system to the new Win2k and as far as I am concerned, they could've left it out!  Its confusing, its not the least bit intuitive and finally it simply made the chore of doing backups with a tape drive horrendous!  That is... until I installed Backup Exec 8.   

Backup Exec 8 restored my faith in my own Dat drives.  I thought they were going bad on me.  It was not the tape drives it was that confounded RSM that was placed in Win2k.  Oh! I almost forgot.. that RSM nightmare kills the sensible, easy use of CDRom Carousels (changers)... You need 10 rocket scientists to get to the second platter and then another ten to get back to the first platter. Forget the other platters they're lost in sub-space! Microsoft....provide a way to minimize or turn off RSM.

Backup Exec gets the job done fast, efficiently and without media hassles.  I highly recommend Backup Exec, for all your Small Business, SOHO and personal backup needs.


VERITAS Software Announces Expanded Executive Management Organization as it Prepares for Continued Dynamic Growth

New Sales, Strategic Business and Engineering Vice Presidents Named as VERITAS Software Scales for Worldwide Expansion

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – January 11, 2000 – VERITAS® Software Corporation (Nasdaq: VRTS), the industry’s leading enterprise-class application storage management software provider, today announced that it has expanded the Company’s executive management organization to meet the needs of its rapidly growing customer and employee bases worldwide. New executives have been named in the Company’s Worldwide Sales Operations, Worldwide Strategic Operations and Engineering departments, growing VERITAS Software’s executive management bandwidth by 30 percent to ensure that the Company has the broad operational structure to support its aggressive growth expectations.

As part of the executive team expansion, two of the Company’s senior vice presidents have been promoted to executive vice presidents. Paul Sallaberry has been promoted from senior vice president, worldwide field operations, to executive vice president. In his expanded role, Sallaberry will oversee both the day-to-day management and strategic direction for the Company’s worldwide sales operations, e-business presence and enterprise consulting and education services. Peter Levine has been promoted from senior vice president, worldwide strategic operations, to executive vice president. In his new role, Levine will continue to drive the VERITAS Software OEM sales team, business development team and mergers and acquisitions team, as well as pioneer two new divisions to build and deliver strategic solutions to the internet and HP marketplaces. Combined, Sallaberry and Levine continue to grow VERITAS Software revenue, which showed 75 percent year-over-year growth in Q3 1999 (based on Q3 1998 and Q3 1999 pro forma revenue).

"VERITAS Software’s dramatic success continues to fuel company growth at an impressively rapid rate," said Mark Leslie, chairman, CEO and president, VERITAS Software. "As our global expansion increases, so does our need for seasoned senior staff to guide our continued success. Each member of this impressive new team of executives has a demonstrated track record as the industry expert in his or her field. They will be vital new contributors to our future success as they join our existing management team of dynamic executives."

Seven executive promotions have been named in the Worldwide Sales Operations team, led by Sallaberry. Philip Bousfield has been promoted from vice president of Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA) to senior vice president international sales, responsible for all international operations outside of the Americas. Reporting to Bousfield, Lindsey Armstrong has been promoted from managing director of the United Kingdom to vice president of sales operations, EMEA and Paul Segrave has been promoted from director of sales, Northern Europe to vice president of channel sales operations, EMEA. In the Americas, Joseph Julian has been promoted from regional sales director, Southeast to vice president of Americas sales. Reporting to Julian, Claudia Brown has been promoted from regional sales director, Northwest to vice president of Western-area sales. Dale Royal has been promoted from regional sales director, Central to vice president of Central-area sales; and Mike Coney has been promoted from regional sales director, Mid-Atlantic/Federal to vice president Eastern-area sales.

Two additional executive promotions have also been named in the Worldwide Strategic Operations team, led by Levine. Howard Dratler has been promoted from regional sales director, Southwest to vice president of the Hewlett-Packard business division; and Michael Miracle has been promoted from director of mergers and acquisitions to vice president of mergers and acquisitions.

In the Engineering team, led by Fred van den Bosch, executive vice president, engineering; Shmuel Goshen has been promoted from director of cluster product engineering to vice president of cluster product engineering; and Howard Silver has joined the Company as vice president of engineering operations. Prior to joining VERITAS Software, Silver worked at General Automation, Andrew Corporation, AST, Forward Technology and Pertec Computer Corporation.

About VERITAS Software

For enterprise customers who demand the continuous availability of business-critical information, VERITAS Software Corporation (Nasdaq:VRTS), the industry’s leading enterprise-class application storage management software provider, ensures information availability from business-critical applications by delivering integrated, cross-platform storage management software solutions. The Company’s products enable Business Without Interruption™ and are designed to protect, access and manage business-critical application information. VERITAS Software products are delivered through a global end user sales force and a worldwide network of enterprise VARs, resellers and OEM partners. The Company’s corporate headquarters is located at 1600 Plymouth Street, Mountain View, CA 94043. Telephone: (650) 335-8000. Fax: (650) 335-8050. Email: WWW site: .



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