BackUp MyPC

BackUp MyPC (Formerly Backup Exec Desktop by Veritas)

by R. F. Mariano

We all use backups, why not use the very best? BackUp MyPC takes the worry out of doing quality backups and getting reliable restores when needed.  At STReport, we have eleven machines on our network and BackUp MyPC handles the backup chores automatically using the scheduler.  We do not worry about data loss. The best part is, the program itself is by a top notch software publisher who offers superb support.  The documentation is straight-forward and easily understood.

We use Windows XP Pro.... on everything but our servers they're running Windows 2000 Advanced Server.  Everything gets backed up without errors and without worry over whether or not the backup was successful.  Since Stomp has BackUp MyPC, like all their other great products offered, fully supported and up to date, I can readily tell you, "You can't go wrong with Stomp". 

They have a grip on quality, support and innovative planning for the future.  Once you go with Stomp, you will enjoy levels of support not found with the "so-called" big guns in the software community. Stomp cares for you, your satisfaction and especially keeping their products the very best they can be.

BackUp MyPC is a powerful yet easy to use data protection and disaster recovery solution for a single computer or peer-to-peer network. Conveniently backup important files or your entire computer while you're not even around using our advanced scheduling system.

BackUp MyPC backs up to Recordable CD/DVD, Tape, Zip, Jazz, and other removable media drives and employs disc spanning and data compression which typically can double your media capacity for significant savings.

In the event of hard drive crash, system failure or even just plain-ole' simple human error, you can then restore a single file or your whole hard drive with BackUp MyPC.

  Full or Partial Backups
  Backup your entire hard disk, just a few folders and files or even the files that have changed since your last backup.
  Disaster Recovery*
  This advanced feature enables you to perform a complete system recovery without having to re-install Windows or any other software programs.
*Disaster Recovery feature currently not available under Windows XP
  Peer-to-Peer Network Protection
  This protection enables you to backup folders and files from networked drives.
  One Button Restore
  Using the One Button backup or restore, you can perform the most comprehensive of data protection operations, with limited input.
  Significant Compression
  Maximize your media efficiency by using hardware or software data compression, providing a significant savings on media space.
  Schedule Unattended Backups
  Ensure that data is being protected regularly, and at your convenience.
  Easy to use interface
  Backup and Restore Wizards that guides you through each procedure with clearly defined instructions.
  Disaster Recovery allowing you to restore your system from a boot disk (currently not available under Windows XP).
  Peer-to-peer network data protection
  Unattended backups with flexible scheduling
  Maximize media using significant compression
  One button backup and restore
  Perform full, partial or differential backups
System Requirements:
  Pentium 166Mhz,
Equivalent processor or better
  Windows XP Home and Professional
Windows 2000 Workstation (up to SP2)
Windows ME
Windows NT 4 Workstation with SP4
Windows 98 SE
  64MB RAM
  50MB hard disk space
  16 bit color, 800x600 or better
  Mouse or other pointing device
  Supported CD-Recordable or CD-Rewritable drive, tape drive or other backup device. Click here to view supported drive list