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PicturesToExe v3.20
for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 for Windows 95/98/NT/2000      
Released on October 27th, 2000

STReport Editor's Choice

Excellence in
Programming. Support and Service

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PicturesToExe creates self-running slide shows of images in .bmp, .jpg, and .gif formats. Using a clean-looking, intuitive interface, you select pictures from any combination of folders on your system. Then press the Create button. In just moments, you've produced an .exe file that, when run, displays the images with the options you've selected. Options let you specify automatic or manual sequencing, pick the timer interval, adjust font and background properties, and decide whether you want the sequence to run once and terminate or to repeat continuously. You can also add a MIDI, WAV or MP3-based soundtrack and associate each picture with a .wav file. PicturesToExe is a nice way to share your favorite images with others in a compact, easy-to-email form. 

Some features are disabled until you register.


* Create presentation (in stand-alone EXE file)
* Supports for multiple pictures
* Supports for slide show
* Supports for sounds (.wav)
* Supports for background music (.mp3, .wav, .mid)
* Supports for background image (.bmp, .jpg)
* Possibility to add description for each picture
* Transition effects
* Can create Screen Savers
* Can save/open projects
* Preview button
* Making simple presentations with point-and-click interface
* Easy solution for creating greeting cards
* Customizable settings
* Easy-to-use picture explorer
* Support for English, Russian, Netherlands, Italian, Slovenian, Hungarian languages
* Works under Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0, and Windows 2000
* Tested and optimized for Windows 2000
* Year2K-compatible
Here, at STR Publishing, we have used PicturesToExe for a month or so and can tell you without hesitation... This program works!  We used it to produce an introduction to our Saltwater Digest CD. It works well with all versions of Windows (95, 98, ME) including Win2k Pro. The slideshows, the screensavers and of course, the custom editable layout and finally the speed is excellent. The user interface is quite forward and simple to use. PicturesToExe WebSite 


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