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Adaptec SCSI card 2940U2W

adaptec homepageadaptec homepage

by R. F. Mariano

When it comes to boosting the performance of servers and workstations to 80 MByte/sec, Ultra2 SCSI (LVD) from Adaptec is leading the way. And now the world's top technology companies - like IBM, Dell, Gateway, HP, Seagate, and Quantum - have made Ultra2 SCSI the new standard for servers and high-end workstations.

So unleashing the full potential of an Ultra2 SCSI solution, with high-performance hard drives and faster processors, is easier than ever. Ultra2 SCSI assures you get maximum performance from both your system and peripherals.

By combining the Adaptec SCSI card 2940U2W with high-performance disk drives like Seagate's Cheetah and Barracuda, and Quantum's Viking and Atlas, you'll get performance worth howling about. You'll experience major system performance improvements like:

  • Faster data access rates up to 80 MByte/sec
  • SpeedFlex technology offering maximum performance of legacy and Ultra2 SCSI drives simultaneously
  • Decreased storage bottlenecks
  • Greater configuration flexibility and scalability with 12 meters of cable

So don't let the pack pass you by. Get your paws on the SCSI Card 2940U2W today.


Above, Adaptec is actually telling it like it is (no hype)....  We have the 2940u2w SCSI card installed in one of our servers along with the Seagate Barracuda 50gb SCSI Hard Drive.  You must believe this; The combination SCREAMS.... the speed, speed and then... more speed is truly appreciated.

Comments: Now comes the picky stuff... NONE!

Installation: The installation of the card, the software and the software setup was slick, quick and easy!  Especially for one of our testers.  He's never been inside of a computer let alone installed anything.  The directions were straight forward with ample pictures, graphics and diagrams.  By the time this fellow completed the install, he knew enough to be more than inquisitive and possibly, dangerous.  There is nothing like hands on learning.  Adaptec's Docs that come with the 2940u2w card are excellent. 

Tech Support: Adaptec offers superb tech support... we called acting like a new user.... (notice I always say "we"?  there is a reason, different folks make calls for the reviews so that it could easily be a female user, etc..)  and had a few questions about the software menu (hitting control "A").  The answers were easily understood and the wait time was under three minutes.

Bottom Line:  If you are shopping for a powerhouse SCSI Card for your system.... the 2940u2w is a fast, reliable way to go. This Puppy is one sweet card.



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