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ALL-IN-WONDER 128/32mb
  • Intelligent TV-Tuner with Digital VCR
  • 128-bit 3D graphics acceleration
  • True color (32-bit) gaming
  • Video output to TV or VCR
  • Still image and MPEG-2 motion video capture
  • Video editing
  • Hardware DVD video playback
  • Up to 32 MB of memory


by Chip Parker

For STReport, this board represents the third generation of ATI's "convergence" graphics card. The ATI All-in-Wonder 128/32mb delivers a strong, sophisticated set of video features, with its performance, ease of installation and use right up there with or, exceeding several other cards.

Like earlier versions, the All-in-Wonder 128/32mb combines a current generation graphics accelerator, a TV tuner, and both input and output for TV signals. In place of the multi-head cable in earlier products is a small, purple breakout box for the various connections. Also new is on-the-fly MPEG-2 compression capability. This is performed mostly in software, though the Rage 128 has circuitry that assists in the compression process.

This puppy is fast.... right up there or faster than the so-called "big names"... it runs Q3 like a thoroughbred  racehorse.  I might add, this performance was checked in BOTH 98se and Win2k.  Would we recommend this card?  Any Day! ATI has been in business forever... well almost... they're one of the best and have been for years.  You can't go wrong.

 In fact... ATI offers both performance and service... calling their tech support or accessing their newsgroup on the net is a pleasure.  We tried accessing a few of the others... Creative and Matrox... and both developed into a litany of goofy, non-sensible excuses and then finally, horror stories.  Look to our Dream Machine Series in the Magazine for the complete and very ugly story..




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