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December 27, 2001 - Version 4.0A BETA update with multi-recorder support

December 27, 2001 - Version 3.8G is now available

by R. F. Mariano

CDRWIN.... What a concept!!

While running the latest and greatest means _some_ driver problems and certain anomalies with obscure programs; It certainly does not mean that if one is running Windows 2000 or Windows XP Professional that one should encounter the Walls of Jericho without the company and help of Joshua.  Such is the case with the use of a CDRom Burner...  the "popular" bundled program is written and supplied by the best SCSI hardware manufacturer out there but when it comes to their support and updates for their software products... a month of Sundays is a quicker happening. 

Then comes CDRWIN... this puppy is right there for ALL the major Windows products.  It is fast, well written and simply put; does the job.  No excuses, no "we'll have a driver or new version after Win2k is released" malarkey... Simply positive results!  That's what CDRWIN is all about.

Can you tell the BS excuse certain companies are blathering about when Win XP is released is truly dissing the users??  Sure it is...  Oct 25 2001 is the Official release date. Windows XP has been in use for at least three months by tens of thousands around the world and shortly, will be in "oem release."

OEM release.. what does that mean?  Simply put it means the entire product "went gold" and was [RTM'ed], Released to Manufacturing and more importantly, to the Original Equipment Manufacturers.  Thus, the actual product is already in the pipelines. Packaged computer makers are already shipping complete systems with Win XP installed. Why are tardy update and driver providers offering excuses instead of the goods?  Who knows.. one thing is for certain; they've chased many loyal users of their products to competitors who are supporting Win XP NOW.

Golden Hawk is one of them.. their CDRWIN program is top notch.  Don't hesitate just go get it and pay them the bux.  Its worth every penny. I might add it is also quite affordable. Go for it!   ....rfm

Version 4.0A BETA  

Multi-Recorder support is the first new feature to be added to version 4.0A. Now you can record on a maximum of 32 recorders simultaneously (depending on system speed). At this time, only MMC compliant drives are supported (almost all recorders made in the last two years are MMC compliant). Only SCSI based recorders have been tested so far, but many IDE recorders should work as well.

We will be adding many more features to this version in the coming months.

What's new in version 3.8?

  • Support for many new recorders has been added. Please see Supported Devices for a complete list of new recorder models.

  • Surprise feature... MP3 file support!! You can now record MP3 files directly to an audio disc without converting them to WAV files first (they will be decoded "on the fly" automatically). The files can be recorded by either specifying them in a cuesheet or by using the "Load Tracks" feature. The MP3 decoding library was licensed from Xaudio Inc. Note: This feature is not available in the DOS version.

  • File backup operations on the "File Backup and Tools" screen has been greatly enhanced. You can now specify directory names, file names, or wildcards (such as C:\TEST\*.EXE). You can also save a list of names to a project file and then reload them at a later date.

  • Support for the "Discmatic AD1050" disc transporter has been added. This is a very nice unit that can automatically make 50 copies of a single disc without user intervention (full information on this device can be found at

What's new in version 3.7?

  • Support for the following recorders/drives has be added:

    • Acer 4232A / 4432A / 6232A

    • Actima 4420

    • Creative 2224 / 4224

    • Delta OME-W141

    • Hewlett Packard 7500 / 7570 / 8200 / 8210

    • Hi-Val 2242

    • Imation 4x4x20 and 8x2x20

    • JVC 2080 / 4080

    • LG/Goldstar CED-8041B / 8042B / 8043B / 8045B

    • Memorex 2216 / 4224 / 4420 / 6424 / 8220S

    • Panasonic 7582 / 7503

    • Philips CDD3801

    • Pioneer DVD-303S (reader)

    • Plextor 40Plex (reader)

    • Plextor PX-R820T / PX-W4220T / PX-W8220T

    • Ricoh 7040A / 7040S / 7060A / 7060S

    • Smart & Friendly 2224 Racer

    • Smart & Friendly "Speedwriter Plus"

    • Sony CRX120E

    • Teac CD-R56S / CD-R58S

    • Toshiba 6401TA (reader)

    • Traxdata 2224 Plus

    • Yamaha 6416S

  • The CDROM "backup engine" has been completely rewritten. It will backup discs with the data/audio tracks in any order (previous versions would not backup discs that had data tracks after the audio tracks). NOTE: This does not include multisession discs or discs that use some form of advanced copy protection.

  • Surprise Feature! The writing of CD-TEXT is now supported... Please read "Frequently Asked Questions" for a list of supported models. You can either backup an existing disc or create your own from scratch with custom text for the disc and individual tracks. A complete graphical CD-TEXT editor is also included, which gives CDRWIN the most advanced CD-TEXT support available anywhere.

  • Multiple directory selection is now supported on the "File Backup and Tools" screen. You can now backup files from multiple directories (even if the directories are on different harddrives). Note: This feature was added in version 3.7B.

  • A new icon on the main toolbar activates the "Sector Viewer" feature. This allows you to view the low-level details of any data sector on the disc.

  • Direct disc-to-disc copying is now supported for the Panasonic 7502 and 7582 recorders (Panasonic finally fixed the firmware restriction). If you have the the 7502 recorder, then you must upgrade your firmware to version 1.17, 3.17, or 4.17. Make sure that you upgrade your recorder with the correct firmware. Panasonic made three different versions of the 7502 recorder, each requiring a different firmware upgrade. Direct copying is still not supported for the 7501 recorder and never will be unless Panasonic fixes this firmware too (which is not likely).

What's new in version 3.6 ?

  • Support for the following recorders has been added:

    • Acer 6206A

    • Cyberdrive 602

    • Hewlett Packard 8100 / 8110

    • Mitsumi CR-4801TE

    • Smart & Friendly 8020 (fast 8x speed recording!)

    • Sony CRX100E / CRX110E

    • Yamaha 4261 / 2216 / 4416

  • Completely new "Backup Disc" screen. A simple to use backup utility with all options on a single screen. Just select your devices and click START...

  • Redesigned "Extract Disc" screen for making image files of discs, tracks, and sectors.

  • Support for "importing" previous sessions from an ISO9660 disc (for creating true multisession discs).

  • Drag and drop "Load Tracks" option. This feature makes it simple to create audio or CD+G compilation discs without having to write a cuesheet file.

  • Support for viewing the text strings on a CD-TEXT compatible disc (on the "Table of Contents" screen).

  • New "Disc Transporter" options (on the "Backup Disc" screen).

  • Settings screen has a new tab for displaying information about the hard drives on your system.

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