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by R. F. Mariano

Click'N Burn Pro 2.0 is a new, robust and full-featured CD Pre-Mastering, Recording and Duplication software package designed for the CD Recording market. Stomp Inc. understands that its customers abilities to record what they want is often limited to the crippled recording software which came with their CD-R drive. Thus, Stomp Inc. is pleased to offer its customers Click'N Burn Pro, a CD Pre-Mastering, Recording and Duplication software for anyone with a CD Recorder who wants professional results. Now you can easily turn LP's and MP3's into CDs, copy from one CD to another, easily create data, audio and multimedia CDs on your PC, back up important files such as spreadsheets, tax records, financial data and MUCH, MUCH, MORE!!!

STReport's Editor's Choice

Version 2.0 includes:
  • Click'N Design 3d Silver to create impressive CD & Jewel Case labels.
  • Click'N Edit Sound LE to record and edit music on your hard drive.
  • Veritas Simple Backup to perform system backups to your CDRW drive.
  • Veritas DLA that makes recording data to your CDRW discs as easy as recording to a floppy drive.
  • 5 Pack of DiscSavers so that when your CD is complete, you can protect it.

I found the Click'N Burn 2.0 program very easy to learn and use, particularly for a beginner such as myself. The CD Labeler Program was just about as easy even though the 1st copy I tried to make didn't print correctly on the label. However, I think I have since discovered what I was doing wrong.  The labels are gorgeous.

My problem now is.. I'm hooked!  I have to go get more blank CD's and labels!

I especially like the tips the CD Labeler offers. Its like shortcuts, anything and everything that helps the everyday user, such as myself, is great.  This entire CD burning thingy is still very new to me, but with the help of this program its very easy to install and even easier to use like a pro.

My overall opinion about the Click'N Burn 2.0 program is; Its outstanding and I would recommend it to anyone needing an easy yet powerful CD Burning Ensemble. This puppy is wonderful for both the beginner who may be experiencing difficulty and the Pro's who expect excellent results. 

Click'N Burn Pro 2.0 is far superior to Roxio (Adaptec) Easy CD Creator 5.01d Platinum.  There are absolutely NO compatibility problems. NO loss of CD Devices in the Windows Explorer in Win XP.  It is very easy to install and be up and running in a heartbeat.

Everything works!  The FIRST TIME. NO series of Patches or patches on patches, NO "Flaming Hoops" and never will you see.. the ever so dreaded, oops, you ran the wrong sequence of patches.... uninstall everything and start again.  None of that goofy Roxio nonsense!  Save your sanity and your hardware, get Click'N Burn Pro 2.0.

Jon Weintraub, STR Staff

Editor Note: We agree with Jon wholeheartedly!  Click'N Burn 2.0 is superb.  In fact, we thought so much of CnB Pro 2.0 that we awarded Click'N Burn Pro 2.0 our Editor's Choice Award for 2002.  This award is earned by demonstrating programming excellence, support, documentation and ease of use.  Stomp's support of their software is first rate.

Get Click'N Burn Pro 2.0

If ever I were to demand of someone to do something forcefully, now is the time;

"Get Click'N Burn Pro 2.0 and end your CD Burning woes.  This program blows Roxio right outta the water." ...rfm




  Simple to Use
With the Click'N Burn Starter interface you can start burning in 2 clicks or use the full application for advanced functionality.
  Create Custom Music CDs
Burns audio CDs directly from MP3, WAV, WMA or CD tracks on the fly with no hard drive overhead.
  Flawless CD-to-CD Copies
Ideal for archiving your CD collection.
  Create Data CD-ROMs
Single or Multi-Session CD-ROMs. Perfect for sending large files to others.
  Burn-Proof Support
Supports Burn-Proof technology.
  Create Video CD's
Creates Video CDs from standard MPEG-1 files playable on most DVD players.
  Record on up to 4 drives at once
Maximizes throughput speed and flexibility, also known as WarpDrive functionality.
  Write to CDRW discs like floppy disks
With Veritas DLA, you can format, drag-n-drop or delete files from your CDRW discs just as you would a hard drive or floppy disk.


Comparison Chart

Manufacturer: Stomp Stomp Ahead Roxio
Product Name: Click N' Burn Pro 1.5 Click'N Burn Pro 2.0 Nero 5.5  CD Creator 5 Platinum

Key Features

DVD Recording NO NO YES NO
Unlimited MP3 encoding NO NO NO YES
Microphone to Music CD YES YES NO YES
Verify After Writing YES YES YES YES
Record to Multiple Drives YES (4) YES (4) NO NO
CD Text Support YES YES NO YES
Bootable CD support NO NO YES NO
Global CD Image  YES YES NO NO
Win 2000/XP support YES YES YES YES
Overburn support YES YES NO NO
CD labeling  YES YES YES YES
BurnProof Support YES YES YES YES
Adjustable pre-gap YES YES YES YES
Music Editing software NO YES YES YES
Backup software NO YES NO YES
DV Editing software NO NO NO YES
Drive Letter Access NO YES NO YES
Price (MSRP) $49.99 $49.99 $69.99 $99.99



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