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Get Opera 6

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USE Opera 6.x
for All Your WEB Browsing Activities

Our Favorite Feature: Opera STOPS all the annoying drop downs, applets and other advert garbage.

Opera for Windows

With Opera for Windows' speed, flexibility, features, and security the Internet is now even more convenient. Opera for Windows -- the browser that gives you the freedom to use the Internet the way it was meant to be.

Simply the Best Internet Experience:

Opera 6.0 for Windows Launched After Record-Breaking Beta

Opera Software ASA today unleashed Opera 6.0 for Windows, a browser with an array of new and improved features, including a completely customizable user interface, and new speed boosting features for improving users' Internet experience. The previous beta version launched at COMDEX November 13, has broken all records for a beta release, with more than 500 000 downloads in the two weeks since the launch.

Opera 6.0 for Windows reaches out to users accustomed to competing browsers' single document interface (SDI), by offering an enhanced version of SDI as an added option on top of Opera's traditional multiple document interface (MDI). Opera newbies that are not used to browsing in MDI can now start in familiar surroundings, immediately making use of Opera's power-user features, and later have the option to change to Opera's more advanced MDI environment.

Opera 5 for Windows was downloaded and installed over 6 million times.

"Opera 6.0 was received with tremendous enthusiasm all over the Internet," says Dean Kakridas, VP Desktop Products, Opera Software ASA. "Opera 6 gives worldwide users of all levels an alternative to IE and a better Internet experience on multiple desktop platforms. We will continue to work extremely hard to provide the home, corporate and education markets the best browser solution possible."

With this release, Opera for the first time also displays non-Roman alphabets, opening up the local markets in the Asia/Pacific and Eastern European region to true browser competition.

"Opera 5 was the wake-up call for competing browser-makers, and the recent targeting of Opera users on Microsoft's Web properties was an acknowledgement of Opera's increasing popularity. Opera 6 will unsettle the big two even more," says Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO of Opera Software ASA. "And with a browser that looks tremendous and has lots of new and improved features, we are sure both new and old users will find something to whet their browser appetite."

OPERA 6.01 Updates

New features

  • News search from AllTheWeb added
  • Support for special backward and forward buttons on Internet keyboards and mice
  • Smooth scrolling implemented, but it is off by default and only recommended for fast systems

User interface

  • Window size, scrollbars, and progress bar can be turned on and off directly by clicking Apply in Preferences
  • Improved adherence to Reuse existing window
  • Opening Opera with no windows in SDI mode, or clicking the Opera desktop icon, will open a blank page instead of the home page
  • Some focus and tooltip fixes


  • Keyboard shortcut combinations with AltGr disabled in edit fields
  • A keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+Shift+A, has been added for Add Attachment in e-mail
  • Support for Ctrl+A keyboard shortcut (select all) in the Hotlist


  • Clear button added to Java console
  • Updates to the opera.jar file fixes a Java applet loading problem


  • Fix for proxy authentication
  • Automatic proxy configuration works better for large scripts
  • A few other issues fixed


  • Subfolders in e-mail client can now be added
  • Fixes to import of e-mail
  • The Instant messaging client is hidden by default


  • No longer necessary to hold Alt down when dragging a bookmark to a new position
  • Other minor fixes to bookmarks handling
  • Bookmark file updated


  • Improved memory handling
  • Authenticated URLs are no longer saved in global history
  • Better support for certain printer drivers
  • Clear history of visited links in the Delete private data dialog will now also clear the visited date in bookmarks
  • Updated Mozilla browser identification number to 4.78
  • Warning added for national domain cookies that are set for domains for which no IP address is registered
  • Some display fixes


Opera 6.01 for Windows launched after record-breaking beta. Read the press release.

Download Opera for Windows

Download Opera 6.01 for Windows.

Buy Opera for Windows

Choose between downloading the free ad-supported version with all features and functionality included, or download and purchase your copy of Opera for 39 USD.

All users who registered and paid for Opera 5.x for Windows are entitled to a free upgrade to Opera 6.0 for Windows. Users who registered and paid for Opera 4.x and who were entitled to a free upgrade to 5.x, will not receive a free upgrade to Opera 6.x but can upgrade at a discount.

To purchase Opera or upgrade a previously registered version please use our purchase form.

Screenshot 6.0

Features in Opera 6.x

Single and Multiple Document Interface
In the start-up dialog or in Preferences, you can select a single or multiple document interface (SDI or MDI).
Double-click a word or right-click a selected phrase and search for it, look it up in the encyclopedia, or translate it.
Personal bar
Organize and personalize your favorite bookmarks and searches in one place.
Drag and drop bookmarks
Grab the top left corner of the preferred page and drag and drop it into the Personal bar, or drag from the Hotlist to the Personal bar.
Panels in the Hotlist
Customizable panels with HTML content can be added to the Hotlist.
Search and/or sort bookmarks
Search for a specific bookmark in the Hotlist. Sort your bookmarks by title, when visited, when created or by a personal ordering system.
Import and Export menu entries under File
Import or export e-mail, contacts, and/or bookmarks from Opera, Netscape and internet Explorer/Outlook Express.
Multiple contact icons
Contacts in the Hotlist can be given special icons according to the users choice.
Multilingual (Unicode) support
Opera 6.0 includes support for Unicode, which allows the display of non-Latin characters in the browser.
Opera 6.0 has full support for LiveConnect, a Netscape technology which enables scripting of Java applets and plug-ins through JavaScript.
What's new in Opera 6.0 for Windows
Read about all the new features in 6.0.
Keyboard shortcuts
This page contains a list of keyboard shortcuts to speed up navigation.
Mouse navigation
This page contains a list of smart mouse moves, like the drag-and-drop possibilities.
More features
Read more about the features, some of which are exclusive to Opera for Windows.


Change log
The change logs details the changes made from previous releases.
Standards support
This page documents Opera for Windows' standards support.

Technical Support

Knowledge base - FAQ
Typical answers to Frequently (and not so frequently) Asked Questions.

Forums and Feedback

Subscribe to receive information about new releases.
News group
There's a lot of information in here. Discuss anything from problems, to new feature requests.
Bug reports
If you find any bugs, please submit a bug report. This form should only be used for submitting bugs.

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