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by Chip Parker

Powerstrip is superb!  I missed the "Monitor Icon" in the tray that changed resolution "on the fly".  It became quite handy.  Now, with the advent of our "Dream Machine Series" and plethora of quality 3D video cards set to go into the various machines we building, PowerStrip was brought to my attention.

Folks, this little program is a veritable POWERHOUSE of a utility.  It is a must have.  It is available in a slew of languages. We show one panel in German for the sake of reality.  Truth is, I'm using this puppy for two days and have grown super fond of it already. It does a great deal more than simply change resolutions on the fly.  It allows you to fine tune your graphics system completely.  Get this program, you won't be sorry.

Designed to complement the native Windows Display Properties sheet under Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000, the PowerStrip combines advanced, multi-monitor API support with extensive programmable hardware support. A simple toolbar and menu that pops up from the system tray provides configuration and fast access to your favorite display settings, incremental enlargement and reduction of desktop size, comprehensive color calibration controls with gamma hotkeys, the ability to associate specific applications with custom display settings, graphics system diagnostics, flexible font controls, extensive hotkey and screen saver support, a database of over 1500 monitors, and on-the-fly color depth, resolution and refresh rate switching. Additionally, the PowerStrip includes direct hardware support for many chips, permitting an unprecedented degree of control over your display sub-system, particularly under Windows NT. We thought so much of this program and its usefullness that we awarded it our very first Editor's Choice Award in the year 2000!

PowerStrip/G for Windows
Designed to answer the requirements of board-level manufacturers for proven and powerful consistent software to work with all the latest graphics chips, under both Windows 95/98 and NT/2000, PowerStrip/G combines all the features of Microsoft's Display Properties with extensive programmable hardware support over every possible aspect of the display subsystem.

PowerStrip/G is the only program of its type to provide transparent, autodetect support for multiple chipsets running under multiple operating systems and localized variants - with no modifications to the BIOS or reference drivers. Moreover, the PowerStrip has a transparent multi-language interface, with built-in support for English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish languages. Also provided is a short printable manual, covering board installation and software setup, as well as a complete on-line user's manual in standard Windows format

PowerStrip is a delight to use, it provides the desired results and most of all it gives accurate information about your system.... it's performance and the performance of graphics cards.

PowerStrip for Windows
  • Programmable refresh rates to 200Hz
  • Screen size and position controls
  • Color calibration support with gamma hotkeys
  • Forced vertical/horizontal sync polarity
  • Transparent support for auxiliary Direct3D devices
  • OS-independent DDC support
  • Direct power management control
  • Complete PCI and AGP device diagnostics
  • Full support for Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 now

PowerStrip/G for Windows

  • Resolution, color depth and refresh rate controls
  • On-the-fly color depth switching under all versions of Windows
  • Programmable refresh rates up to 200Hz with no firmware changes
  • Comprehensive color calibration controls
  • Multi-monitor support for up to 9 display devices
  • Extensive DDC monitor support plus a database of over 1500 pre-PnP monitors
  • Screen size and position controls
  • Forced vertical/horizontal sync polarity
  • Transparent support for auxiliary Direct3D devices
  • Direct power management control
  • User-defined hot keys, preset display schemes, and program associations
  • Special screen saver, DirectX and OpenGL support
  • Custom cursor and flexible DTP font controls
  • Comprehensive graphics system diagnostics
  • Designed to permit easy OEM customization


Chipset support
Direct hardware support for 3Dlabs -
Rendition - nVidia - 3dfx - S3 - Intel -
Trident - Cirrus Logic - Tseng Labs -
ATI - Matrox - Number Nine - plus generic WinAPI/VESA support for other chips

Supported monitors
Panasonic - Sony - Nokia - Philips -
ViewSonic - Hitachi - NEC - Mitsubishi -
Nanao - MAG - and many more

The PowerStrip is designed to work with
reference drivers and firmware provided by the chip designer, and may not work correctly with the proprietary drivers provided by some board manufacturers.

Download Size Date
PowerStrip 2.62 for Windows (shareware)
Requires a 32-bit version of Windows and a compatible PCI/AGP graphics card.
641 kb 02-03-2000
Download Size Date
EnergySaver - DPMS Screen Saver 1.08 (shareware)
Requires a compatible AGP/PCI graphics card and EnergyStar-compliant monitor.
182 kb 09-19-1999
NEW! - EnergySaver - DPMS Screen Saver 2.00 (beta 2)
With Windows 2000 support, requires a compatible AGP/PCI graphics card and EnergyStar-compliant monitor.
177 kb 01-22-2000
EnergySaver Registry Patch for Non-Administrator Support
Requires administrator rights to install.
16 kb 08-25-1999
Lock - Screen saver launch applet
Requires a 32-bit version of Windows.
9 kb 07-03-1999

Ordering Information
Individual licenses for the PowerStrip can be purchased for US$29.95, using a
secure online order form. For quantity and site license information, please contact



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