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by Ralph F. Mariano

Okay, kiddies this is the burn copy DVD to DVD - CD to CD package!  I tested this puppy with a DVD to DVD copy and it worked.  This is the first copy package that actually does a mirror copy of the DVD. No hassles, no jerking around with special formulas of potion-like procedures to get a copy.  Of course, if your DVD original is larger that 4.3gb then you must have a blank that will accommodate the larger size...  WHERE are those DVD9 Blanks? I tried it on a DVD whose content was 4.3 gb or less and proceeded to tell the program to do an exact copy to DVD-R blank.... worked perfectly.  I used a Panasonic LF-D321 DVD Burner.  Pretty slick if you ask me.

Then comes the MP3 Ripping... UNLIMITED and it means just that!  What's there to say? It worked perfectly. [W.A.D.] Works As Designed

Do you need this program? 

YES - YES - YES Record Now MAX is without a doubt a "newbie" and a "professional's"  DVD - CD Burner package supreme.

Updates as the Industry Progresses?

There is no doubt in my mind that this program will be updated regularly.  Stomp has been around long enough to prove they stand behind their software packages with unrivaled tenacity.

What Else Does it do?

It dices, slices and cubes.... No, no... that's another product. <grin>  This program will answer all the needs of the average and above average user. It takes the guess-work out burning successfully.  The "Wizards" in the program provide step by step assistance from start to finish.  That means one thing to me, from beginners to power users, there definitely will be less coasters and more successful burns.

MAX 4.0
Roxio Easy
CD Creator 5.0
DVD Recording & Copy    
Section 508 Compliant    
Unlimited MP3 Encoding  
MP3 to CD  
CD Copy  
Data CD Burning  
Bootable CD  
Microphone to CD    
Overburn Support    
Drive Letter Access  
Burn to Multiple Drives    
New in Version 4.0
Re-designed interface makes it easier to use than ever before
Enhanced MP3 Ripping rips at up to 320Kb/sec bitrates
CDDB support for MP3 ripping
Integrated launcher for DVD Video Authoring Software
Enhanced Options screen
Updated CD/DVD recorder support - All the latest drives
Section 508 compatibility - easy access for disabled persons
Enhanced Bootable CD creation - can create a bootable CD
from floppy or hard disk image


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