by Michele L. Hughes

‘Twas late on the night before Christmas Day,
A 5-year old child knelt down to pray.
“Oh Lord,” he said with tears in his eyes,
I’ve been so good and told no lies.

It’s been two years since that terrible day,
When a man in a car took my parents away.
He was drinking and driving, I don’t know why,
I try to be strong but sometimes I cry.

I spend all my holidays and birthdays alone,
They take care of me here, but it’s just not my home.
I don’t want toys and gifts and such,
I just want a Mommy and Daddy so much.

He crawled into bed and closed his eyes,
In hopes that tomorrow would hold a surprise.
Morning came and he jumped to his feet,
Would there be new parents on this day to meet?

He went to the room with the big Christmas tree,
But children and toys was all he could see.
Turning around with a tear in his eye.
He looked toward the heaven as if asking “Why?”

Back in his room he sat on his bed,
No words were spoken, nothing was said.
He laid on his pillow and started to cry,
He felt so much pain but he didn’t know why.

When the door opened he lifted his head,
A woman came in and sat on his bed,
They sat for a moment and watched one another,
Finally he asked, “Are you my mother?”

With tears in her eyes she gave him a squeeze,
Then came a tall man carrying some keys.
He stood for a moment and looked from above,
And he knew in an instant, the best gift is LOVE.

(Note; author's fondest desire is to hear Kenny Rogers sing the above missive.)
© Michele L. Hughes 2002 Reprint permission granted if done in entirety including by-line.