"Why do I feel Like a Mushroom... Being Fed BS and Kept in the DARK??"

by Ralph F. Mariano, Editor - STReport Magazine

As the game between the Jags and the Browns unfolded, the rivalry was not the most important factor in this JAGS v BROWNS game. ...The facts are; this game decided whether the Browns had playoff chances or not.

So, for the Browns Fans... this was a very critical game.  Much the same as the game would be for the Jaguars Fans here in Jacksonville. If The Jaguars were on the brink of the Play-offs, teetering on the outcome of a game. 

What do we SEE.....??? at the end of the last play, where the double SPIKING of the football by the Browns QB is an obvious FLAG,,, the Refs throw flags......  But Lo and Behold, it's NOT for the double spiking... its because of the previous play being challenged by the officials in the skybox!!  But wait a minute folks.... the ball was already SNAPPED!! 

By the double spiking of the ball by the Browns QB (A play) the previous play was now in the books!. By NFL Rules that means the previous play is now history and the game proceeds.. (At least that's the way the Officials ruled their BUM CALLS on the JAGS all season long.) So you think so Eh? Bunky??

Now comes the rub!

There is NO right to Challenge the previous play after the snap, not by anyone! Not the coaches or the NFL officials. But the Officials did it anyway.

The On Field Officials had it announced ..the "Buzzer" sounded late for them thus, the inadvertent play and late call for review.  OK.... so they claimed it was an "equipment malfunction" according to the CBS Announcers at the game.  Now my dear readers read the diatribe (Bovine Fertilizer) foisted upon us by the NFL SPIN Doctors!  (they should be ashamed of themselves!)  - -

Tagliabue Where ARE you? - - Are you in this Time Zone? - - What ZONE are you in? ..Besides the NFL Profit Zone?

(Calling the Players back on the field 25 minutes later... Topped Off the fiasco.  Who really runs the NFL?? The Three Stooges?)

Oh, Sam...
When does the "Browning" STOP and the TRUTH Prevail??

Tell it like it is... we all saw, on the tube.... how the Officials screwed up ROYALLY!

Now the (FIX) "Cover-up" (Read Below) is in... Truth is.. Say it Sam... if this occurred in Jacksonville, Would you be the same aloof pansy you are seemingly trying to be now? 

Stop Blaming the Browns Fans... They are Just as Sick and Tired of The Lousy NFL Officials as WE are!!!  [TRUTH]

The FANS weren't outta line, they were PUSHED OVER the line ...The horrid NFL Officiating WAS totally outta line and has been for years!! 

It needs to be Corrected!

If it was up to me, I'd DUMP  Rookie Referee Terry McAulay right now for perpetrating a Fraud on the Players and Fans! Incompetent Goof!

It wasn't the first BAD CALL in this particular game...  (forget all the previous Games!) but he (McAulay) is NOT ALONE...  This Season, like previous season's Officiating has been ATROCIOUS!!  Instant Replay included! 

(As stated in Computers.... "Garbage In... Garbage OUT!")

(The Coverup!)

Officials' Comments on Browns-Jags End of Game Fiasco

(Pure Barnyard Fodder! - Get the Shovels)

CLEVELAND (Dec. 16, 2001) -- The following is the post-game pool report following the Jacksonville Jaguars' 15-10 win over the Cleveland Browns at Cleveland Browns Stadium. The interview, conducted by pool reporter Tony Grossi of The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, was with referee Terry McAulay and NFL Supervisor Dick McKenzie in regards to the events of the game's final minute.

Grossi: Why was the play allowed to be reviewed after the previous play was run?

McAulay: The buzzer on my belt went off just prior to the snap. We are playing football and I realize the buzzer has gone off. I go to the umpire and he says, 'Yes,' his buzzer is going off too. My first question is, is it absolutely before the snap? I went to the replay to confirm it. (I asked,) 'Bill Reynolds (Replay Official), did you press the buzzer prior to the snap?' He said, 'Absolutely, 100 percent.' At that point we had a legal review. We go in and review the play (Quincy Morgan for a first down). The ball is coming loose, (it) hits the ground, incomplete pass.

Grossi: Irrefutable?

McAulay: Yes. Absolutely. On contact the ball is coming loose, hits the ground, incomplete pass. He's (Quincy Morgan) got it on his hip, it's coming loose and hits the ground.

Grossi: So are you saying the play where (Tim) Couch spikes the ball--

McAulay: It never happened.

Grossi: You felt the buzzer, why didn't you call time and stop play?

McAulay: We are in the middle of playing football and that is an unnatural thing, but as soon as I realized that we had a buzzer I had to make sure. I thought it was prior to the snap, I had to make sure from the replay assistant to confirm that it was prior to the snap.

Grossi: You reviewed on replay whether the buzzer had gone off?

McAulay: It is his job to let me know absolutely certain that he buzzed prior to the play.

Grossi: So you were consulting with him?

McAulay: Yes.

Grossi: What was (Jaguars coach) Tom Coughlin saying or arguing about?

McAulay: I really never got in to that and have no idea what that was all about.

Grossi: So you have indisputable evidence, you've reversed the play, there is a flurry of bottles coming on the field, then you decided to call the game?

McAulay: We were going to try to finish the game, but as we lined up a bottle zipped past my head and by all the Jacksonville players' heads. At that point I decided that it was just too dangerous to finish the game. So I announce that the game was over. The Commissioner (Paul Tagliabue) called Dick McKenzie, our observer, and said we had to back out there and finish the game.

Grossi: Is there no way for a game to be called without the Commissioner okaying it?

McKenzie: That is correct. He is the only one who has the power to determine a game prior to conclusion.

Grossi: Terry, did you talk to the Commissioner and suggest that the game should be called?

McKenzie: No, I did not. (McKenzie) I was called in the press box from our command center in New York and told that we would have to finish the game.

Grossi: What was the delay about to get both teams back on the field?

McAulay: I went to Browns coach (Butch) Davis to inform him what we had to do. I then went to Coach Coughlin and told him what we had to do. We want to make sure that it was secure and safe for all the participants to go back out. That was the main reason we delayed so long. We wanted it to be safe.

Grossi: So there was a point where you feared for the safety of yourselves and for the teams?

McAulay: Absolutely. There were full bottles of things coming down.

Grossi to McKenzie: Wouldn't you as the on-site observer have the ability to suggest that the game just be cancelled since the Commissioner was not here?

McKenzie: No. I do not have that power.

(Pure doublespeak to cover up a royal screw up)

A Note (Emailed by Me) to The ENDZONE (A local Jacksonville FL Jaguars ReCap Show)
Hosted by the Great Spin Doctor; oops, I mean Sports Reporter; Sam Kouvaris.......

(Sent by yours Truly.... to Sam Kouvaris & Crew)

Despite the awful display of the Browns Fans, the true focus of NFL Football Fans should be on the obvious Lack of Professional Field Officials provided by the NFL. Repeatedly, this season, the games have been plagued with BAD CALLS.. despite instant replay. The NFL should have full time, well trained officials on the field much as Major League Baseball has with Umpires. Don't you agree??

Ralph Mariano


Sam, Don't put the fans up for execution... the Officials ignited an already short fuse...  How many BAD CALLS have YOU seen this season?  'Nuff Said!

Not a word mentioned about the question... but then this was expected since the question puts the NFL squarely in the hot seat.  Where they belong! Sam would NEVER do that. Nor, would his wimp management allow it.  Yup, that's sayin' it like it is folks.....

Sam, what do you think?  To the fans... What do you think?  Send email... I promise you ..there will be a full follow-up.  Its time somebody jumped in the NFL's lackadaisical face.  We NEED REAL, FULL TIME - WELL TRAINED OFFICIALS ON THE FIELD -- NOT PART-TIME HOBBYISTS!