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Majdanek (Poland)

Majdanek was established October 1941 as SS-run POW Camp and as concentration camp February 16, 1943. The first commandant was Karl Koch. Maximum number of inmates : 25,000. Majdanek consisted of POW camp; extermination camp ; children camp. Initially there were two gas chambers using Zyklon-B poison gas housed in a wooden building; later there were replaced by gas chambers in a brick building. The killing operations began in April 1942 and ended in July 1944. Majdanek provided slave labor for munitions works and Steyr-Daimler- Puch weapons factory (see The List of the Camps). The estimated number of deaths is 360,000, including Jews, Soviet POWs and Poles.

Built just one and a quarter miles from the outskirts of Lublin, Majdanek began life as a prisoner of war camp in October 1941. However, Majdanek was unusual in that it was run by the Waffen-SS and was intended to supply labor for SS industries, especially armament works.


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