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 UltraEdit / UltraEdit-32 - v10c

A number of years ago, STReport's Editor discovered UltraEdit in its very early beginnings. It was called "Medit" way back then. At that time it already was a powerful editor, notepad, etc... Now, it is an excellent replacement for Notepad and in fact, superb for all your quickie editing needs and I might add... for programmers, its ideal for everyday tasks. UltraEdit is used every day to "finesse" just about every text file we work with. (Not to mention tweaking our HTML work and immediately viewing the results of our efforts.) Gotta tell you.... UEdit is the "Cat's Meow".   UltraEdit has to be the most professional shareware package we've seen and use.

STReport awards its highly coveted Editor's Choice Blue Ribbon for achieving if not exceeding our stringent requirements. All of which are met by UltraEdit and it's author Ian D. Mead. UltraEdit is powerful, reliable, compatible, easy to use and aggressively supported. We highly recommend UltraEdit to each and every one of our readers. You cannot go wrong in obtaining UltraEdit. 

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UltraEdit Blue Ribbon Winner 1997-2003
Unprecedented! - A Major SEVEN-TIME Winner!


The editor for all your editing needs.

UltraEdit is an excellent replacement for NOTEPAD and a great deal lot more, with support for unlimited file sizes, 100,000 word spelling checker, full HEX editing capabilities, configurable syntax highlighting for programmers, column editing. UltraEdit has all the features you will need. UltraEdit handles multiple files at once, even if they are multi-megabyte files. It is Disk based and only requires a small amount of memory, even for very large files. UltraEdit-32 designed for Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95, and UltraEdit for Windows 3.1 with no additional fee.

UltraEdit-32 v10.00c Changes

* Bug Fixes
   * Correction for syntax highlighting block comments
   * Fixed problem with "Cannot allocate memory for text expansion" after using Preserve Case find
   * Fixed problems related to users with advanced setting to use memory buffers set
   * Fixed problem with macros and column mode
   * Other minor issues

UltraEdit-32 v10.00b Changes

* Bug Fixes
   * Fixes to the Installer including PATH problems
   * Word Wrap issues
   * Other minor issues

Word Wrap issues
   * Other minor issues

UltraEdit-32 v10.00a Changes

* Bug Fixes
   * Uninstall not working correctly
   * Sort issue with UNICODE files
   * Regular expression problem fixed
   * Project/Tree View issues
   * SFTP issues
   * Other minor issues

UltraEdit-32 v10.00 Changes

* Secure FTP Support (SFTP)
* CSE HTML Validator integration:
   * Run Validation
   * Setup Validator Options and Configuration
   * Job Type support
   * PLEASE NOTE: Requires CSE HTML Validator from
* Syntax Highlighting based on file name
* Project additions include:
   * Support for nested groups with no limit on depth
   * Directories allowed as a group
   * Directory groups dynamically updated
   * Direct addition/removal of files from File Tree View
* FTP Dropdown for recent directories/per account
* Function to close all files but active file added to File Menu and File Tab right click menu
* Macro command additions:
   * IfFTP to check if file is an FTP file
   * IfCharGt to check if character is greater than value
   * IfColNumGt to check if column number is greater than value
* User tool ability to pass the line and column of the cursor to tool
* Syntax Highlighting allows delimiters to be start character of word
* Support for OEM Fixed Font selection
* Preserve Case Replace to preserve the case of a word when being replaced
* Option for CHM user help files to always be on top, or not
* File Tree View remembers horizontal scroll position between sessions
* Many additional configuration items for user preferences
* INI Settings moved to configuration
* Other minor changes


You are limited to 45 Days of use for an unregistered version.

UltraEdit is a shareware program. If you find it useful and continue to use it you are obligated to register it with the author by sending $35.00 (Ohio Residents add 5.5% Sales Tax) to:

Ian D. Mead
8209 Chestnut Hill Ct.
West Chester, OH 45069, USA

UltraEdit32Download Your Copy or, Upgrade of UltraEdit NOW!

  • Free upgrades for at least 1 year.

  • Upgrade fee is $15.00 (Ohio residents add 5.5% Sales Tax) for previous registered users.


For all Credit Card orders, please include:

  1. Name of card holder

  2. Address of card holder

  3. Name and address of user if different from card holder

  4. Expiration date of card

  5. Card #.

Credit card orders may be faxed or telephoned to (513) 779 8549 or, sent to:

Return Policy

No refunds are issued after an authorization code has been issued. Exchanges are allowed if appropriate.

This program may be freely distributed provided it is unmodified, no charge is made for the software, and all of the following files are included:

1) READ.ME - This File
2) UltraEdt.EXE - Executable File
3) UltraEdt.HLP - UltraEdit help file

Latest Version

The latest version of UltraEdit/UltraEdit-32 may be found in several places:

The following www page:

On the Internet at several sites, including STReport's FTP SITE CICA and other sites.

    Editor Note:

    Check Back Here regularly for updates and NEWS. UltraEdit is ONLY the beginning as far as we are concerned... this Editor has a great future ahead of it. Updates, Enhancements, and plain "keeping up with the times" will be noted here. Click on the IDM Logo above to learn more about both UltraEdit and DOWNLOAD the latest version.

powered by UltraEdit


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