Link Analysis and Quality Assurance Report

Link Analysis - STR

  General Statistics
The Web site was analyzed on Fri, Dec 21, 2001 at 04:19. WebTrends Link Analyzer found 123 HTML pages on this site. 108 of these pages contain a total of 47 broken links.

  Problems Found on This Site
  Broken Links (404 Errors)
Of the 8659 links, 47 refer to non-existent pages. See the Broken Links section for more details.
  Other Errors
This site contains 76 other errors of various kinds (other than URL Syntax Errors which may be indicated below). See the Other Errors section for more details.
  URL Syntax Errors
WebTrends Link Analyzer found a total of 3 URL syntax errors, which can be missing equal sign, non-matching quotes, etc. See the URL Syntax Errors page for more details.
  Broken Pages
108 pages (16%) contain broken links. See the Broken Pages section for more details.

  Suggestions for improvements
Of the 123 pages on this site, 113 could be improved by adding titles, as well as ALT attributes, or height and width attributes to images. ALT attributes give a description of the image for visitors who view the page in text mode (this description is also displayed while the page loads, before the image appears). Height and width attributes allow browsers to load images much faster. See the Suggestions for Improvement page for more details.

  Site Statistics
  By Link Types
Of the 8659 total links on this site, 93% are HTTP, 0% are FTP, and the remaining are of email, news, gopher or other types. See the Link Statistics page for more details.
  Links By File Types
Of the 588 total files referenced on this site, 55% are HTML pages, 40% are images, and the remaining are various other file types. These statistics include references to nonexistent files. See the File Statistics page for more details.
  Biggest (Slowest) Pages
This site contains 123 HTML pages, with a combined total size of 18610 kilobytes (including all graphics and other linked files). The bigger the pages, the slower they load, which may be a problem if the majority of your visitors use dial-up connections. See the Biggest Pages section for more details.
  Oldest & Newest Pages
The oldest HTML page was last modified on Tue Jan 23 18:17:00 2001 . The most recent change was made on Thu Dec 20 12:29:09 2001 on the page. See the Oldest & Newest Pages sections for more details.

  Graphic Images
WebTrends Link Analyzer found 474 images on this site, using a total of 5375 kilobytes. See the Graphic Images section for more details.
  Image Catalog
The Image Catalog shows thumbnails of all the images found on this site. It can help you quickly identify duplicates, or simply review this site's graphical content.

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